Saturday, August 29, 2015

Forced to Go to Mosque?

They're trying that in Tulsa. They told the police chief that, since no cops “volunteered” to go to a Mosque and “learn” (be conditioned) about Islam, he should make it mandatory. He refused, and was fired. Today it's the cops. Tomorrow it's you and I. I got a clue for them. Don't try it on me. They'll find out just how Americans can be INDIVIDUALISTS. If they try and FORCE me to go to a mosque and “learn” about Islam, they can go 1to HELL! They'll "learn" all about a fist to the nose." They can take it and stick it right where they sit! Sideways

HATE THE TRUTH? Liberals say “conservatives hate the truth.” What a bunch of stinky brown stuff THAT is! We don't “hate the truth,” we hate the liberal's version of the “truth,” which is usually a LIE. They really think they can turn a lie into the truth by SAYING it is truth. But intelligent people (who tend to be conservative) know the difference, and reject it. Like Obama's TV campaign to make us THINK his Iran deal is a good one. We know better, so it's money wasted. Our money, of course, He never spends his own.

ROCKETS TO FALL ON TEL AVIV”: Obama told a bunch of Israelis the other day that if his Iran Agreement is rejected, “rockets will fall on Tel Aviv.” So what else is new? Rockets fall on Israel every day, and the world's press ignores it, preferring to concentrate on what Israel does in response, calling it “unwarranted attacks.” If rocket bombing Israel makes it “unprovoked”, I'll be damned. Muslims called the Crusades “unprovoked,” but they weren't. Like Israel's responses, it was a RESPONSE to Muslim outrages.

TOO DESCRIPTIVE: Liberals don't like the term, “anchor babies” because it's too descriptive. They prefer, “anchor fetuses” which dehumanizes the babies they kill. They feel they have to “dehumanize” the babies they kill to avoid the punishment that should ultimately be meted out to the murderers in and out of Planned Parenthood. They like to call the babies they murder “fetuses,” or “tissue samples,” etc. To avoid the “sight picture” of small dead babies being cut up like cows in a butcher shop and their parts sold for profit.

ALL LIVES MATTER! Was there ever a question about that among INTELLIGENT people? Some of those “black lives matter” folks get mad whenever someone says that ALL lives matter. What their reasoning is, I don't know. But, of course, the people screaming “Black lives matter” aren't known for their logic. Some of them have even been known to deny the very EXISTENCE of logic AND reason. But then, we also know that “black lives matter” is just a front for people who think COP lives should be forfeit. They're mostly thugs and criminals, but who's counting?

INVESTIGATE” THE WHISTLEBLOWER!” Planned Parenthood is murdering babies by the THOUSANDS, every day, and selling their body parts, for profit. They're even cutting into babie's heads while their hearts are still beating so they can “get a healthy brain.” But are they being investigated by the government? Not even! This government is SUPPORTING them and giving them $BILLIONS of out pockets, and have opened an “investigation” into their ACCUSERS! Is this a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT, or what?

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