Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If They Weren't So Wierd

We might take gay people more seriously if they didn't go out of their way to be weird. For instance, one guy seen “comforting” another in a “Gay Pride” parade after some fool stabbed six people in Jerusalem, has purple hair and blue around his eyes. The picture didn't show the rest of his attire, but I'd bet it was just as bizarre. I don't think I've ever seen a “straight” man sporting stuff like that in any kind of a “demonstration.” I have nothing against what they do together in private. That's their business. But I DO have something against them “slapping me in the face” with it and DEMANDING I approve. I neither approve, nor disapprove. But I won't be TOLD what to do. By ANYBODY.

GREATEST HOAX EVER!” Clint Eastwood says ,”Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” And he's right. Hillary was supposed to be a “shoo-in” for the Democrat nomination in 2008 until a little known one-term senator of whom nobody (outside of Chicago) knew ANYTHING showed up and “elbowed her aside” to go on and win not only the nomination, but the presidency—twice--even after doing things most Americans (except Democrats, of course) hated. Were both those elections “fixed?” Probably, for sure the second one and his nomination. Obviously Obama's “gang” were more powerful than Hillary's. Will yet another unknown come out of the woodwork to yet again “elbow her aside?” Maybe Joe. Stay tuned.

PP VIDEOS “DOCTORED?” Democrats (liberals) keep saying those videos that have been released and so frighten Planned Parenthood they've gone to a “bought and paid for” court to get an unconstitutional “order” handed down to stop further releases, and then claiming the ones out were “doctored.” But strangely, nobody has even TRIED to tell us what parts of them were “CUT.” I'll be waiting with “baited breath” to see if they ever DO tell us—if there is anything to tell, which I doubt.

OBAMA TO IGNORE CONGRESS: The LAW (the most BASIC law of the land, the Constitution) states that, in order for a treaty with a foreign country to be approved and go into force, it MUST be approved by Congress. Obama has signaled his intention to IGNORE Congress if they reject the treaty. That is a patent violation of the LAW. But will he be punished? Doubtful. Nobody in DC has the gonads to do it. That's how he has gotten away with ignoring the Constitution before. Because nobody has “called him” on it.

HAVE THEY READ IT?” Nancy Peelosi asks of the Iran deal opponents: “Have they read it?” If they haven't read it, they have no standing to criticize it, according to her. Of COURSE they haven't read it! Obama will not LET THEM. And that's the major reason why they're against it. Any “agreement” with that “band of thieves” that he's AFRAID to tell us about SHOULD be opposed, and rejected, in principle. Democrats must really think all of us are STUPID. But it's only Democrat voters who ARE stupid if they believe this crap.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE? What does it take to outrage Americans? Killing millions of unborn infants without giving them a chance at life? No. Killing a beloved lion in Africa? Yes! The WORLD ids outraged, and “want the head” of the dentist who was unwittingly lured into doing the deed. His life, as he knew it, is OVER! But the people who MURDERED millions of babies? They're trying to get the people who “”outed” them in trouble, and are making inroads in doing just that. What kind of damned fools live here? Talk about misplaced priorities!

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