Monday, August 17, 2015

"No There There"

That's what Hillary's supporters are saying about the investigation into Hillary's DELETING a bunch of e-mails after Congress demanded to see them, SAYING those are “personal e-mails.” But nobody will ever know if they WERE “personal e-mails,” which is why she so precipitously deleted them—so nobody would ever know. If they were REALLY personal e-mails, Congress would quickly disregard them. But they will never get a chance to make that decision since she ILLEGALLY deleted a bunch of them, which probably contain incriminating information. Like Nixon's “eighteen minutes of tape” that “mysteriously” got deleted, this is EVIDENCE of her wrongdoing, and her attempts to cover it up. There IS “there there,” but they hope it will not come out.

CALIFORNIA POLITICIANS ARE STUPID: Not just incompetent, STUPID! Incompetent is bad enough, but insisting on “protecting” illegal aliens regardless of their crimes and REFUSING to cooperate in getting them deported, while making no effort to keep them out of the country is not only stupid, it is MURDEROUS. How may innocent people have DIED because of it, I don't know. But I DO know about HUNDREDS of innocent people who have died at the hands of illegal aliens OBAMA has ordered released. We need to get ALL these FOOLS out of office, starting with Obama and the governor of California and all the other stupid politicians who have had a hand in releasing murderers.

TRUMP “BLEEDS SUPPORT”: Oh, yeah? Who is it spreading this lie? It's his enemies in both parties, all of whom are so frightened of him they dribble spit as they sputter about him. Meanwhile, he remains at the FRONT of all lists of Republican candidates for president. The really smart people don't put a lot of importance on him “hurting the girl” by his RETURN comments after Megyn Kelly tried her best to derail his candidacy at the debate. They know there are way too many IMPORTANT issues to be decided to waste time on non-essentials.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? They asked Debbie "Waddleman" Schultz, DNC Chair, if she could describe the difference between Democrats and socialists. She couldn't. Because there IS no difference between Democrats and socialists. If they were honest, they would change their name to the Socialist Party because everything they stand for is a socialist (collectivist) plank. Like income redistribution, income inequality, raising the minimum wage, thus paying people with NO skills as well as those who have LEARNED their jobs, making “the rich” pay more taxes, even though they pay MOST of the taxes paid, already, something the Democrats deny.

WAS THE FERGUSON “PROTESTERS” LOCAL? The Ferguson “protester” who shot at the cops and was himself shot down was an import. He was a “professional demonstrator” and had no business even BEING in Ferguson, much less shooting at cops. He got what he had coming to him, as did Michael Brown, that “giant thug” who didn't NEED a gun to be armed and tried to intimidate the wrong guy and also got shot for his trouble. But Wilson was a better shot than these cops. This guy was actually bailed out on other charges, elsewhere, by  KNOWN Soros worker.

WHILE WE WORRIED ABOUT CECIL: Obama pushed through a measure in The House that allows him (or his thugs) to arbitrarily (without our ability to object) refuse to issue, or confiscate our passports for any reason, or NO reason. Now why did he do that? So we couldn't “vote with our feet” if things under his control became too much for us. We would have no choice but to stay, unless we wanted to “slip out,” a la the Cubans from Cuba “illegally.” It has yet to be “rubber stamped” by the Senate, but in today's world, I have no doubt it will pass—quietly--with nothing in the liberal media. Then the only hurdle is Obama's veto—and who thinks THAT is going to happen? I guess the GOP controlling Congress makes no difference. “The fix is in.”

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