Friday, August 7, 2015

They Have No Shame

Animal rights organizations have all “jumped on the bandwagon” to use Cecil the lion's killing as a fund-raiser. They're raising a lot of money using his death as a focal point. But is anybody using all those BABY MURDERS to raise money to continue the fight against Planned Parenthood? Maybe. But PP is using it to raise money for their defense. Defense for BABY murderers! You can count on them to turn their baby murders into money any way they can. Whatever they use it for.

WHAT ABOUT THEIR BILLIONAIRES? Democrats make a big thing out of the Koch Brothers' contributions to Republican candidates. But they completely ignore their own billionaires, who regularly contribute a LOT of money to DEMOCRAT candidates. Billionaires such as Tom Steyer, who has regularly given a bunch of money to Democrats. Both parties do it, so what's so bad about a billionaire giving money to his favorite candidates? Only Democrats think there's something wrong with that—except for their own billionaire, when he supports THEM.

ATHEISTS LOSE LAWSUIT: They filed it to get a “Ten Commandments” display removed from a school so their kids wouldn't be “subjected to it” when they entered the school. The court tossed it. What the hell makes them think they have the right to demand removal of Christian symbols to keep from “being offended?” There's no law against being offended. And the atheist “religion” is NOT more powerful than the Christian religion, even if they think they are. The “separation of church and state” was NEVER in the Constitution. It was merely mentioned in a LETTER between two “Founders.” The Constitution only says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion or the practice thereof!” Get used to it, atheists!

LIBERAL LEARNS A HARD LESSON: Dan Price, CEO of “Gravity Payments,” a credit card payment processing company, recently decreed that all his employees (including himself, and the janitors) would be paid $70 grand a year. It only took about three months for the company to be on the brink of bankruptcy, while Price, himself, was forced to rent out his home to pay his bills. He found out that paying people more than they were worth just didn't work. Something politicians need to learn. But they never will, because their decisions don't affect their PERSONAL wealth, as it did for Price.

AIN'T THAT ORFUL? An Aurora, Colorado court jury decided it was immoral to kill a mass murderer. Ain't that orful? Seems to me killing this bast-rd would be “equal punishment,” only of they could kill him as many times as he killed others. I think criminals should be punished in the SAME WAY they punished their victims. That means this guy, at least, should be shot in the gut and left to die slowly as did some of his victims. This guy was judge and jury fopr 12 people and killed them all without so much as a trial;. it's too bad we can't kill him 12 times. Now THAT would be "equal; punishment."

WRONG TARGET: In Zimbabwe, they want to arrest and try the dentist who shot that friendly lion” named Cecil. But they're going after the wrong target. They should be going after the “guide” who lured that tiger out of the protected area and set that dentist up to kill him without telling him it was illegal. That's where the crime is, not in that dentist, who only did what he THOUGHT was right, and legal, but wasn't. As usual, this dentist's life is ruined by a bunch of stupid people who are more worried about the death of a LION than the deaths of PEOPLE, and can't see the REAL target.

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