Friday, August 28, 2015

Michelle for President?

Obama thinks he has found a “legal” way to stay in the White House. Just run his wife for president with him pulling the strings from the back room. What he doesn't know—or just won't admit, is that the electorate, which is a lot smarter about him now, after almost eight years of his lawlessness, most likely won't elect ANY Democrat, at least, in this election cycle. You can't use the old “Southern method” George Wallace used to “get around” election laws when he ran his wife as an “interim” governor until he could run again without “succeeding himself.” ANYBODY who would vote for Michelle is “dumb as a stump,” and shouldn't be allowed to vote for either side. I think if Michelle thought she could get away with it, she would, because she doesn't want to lose the “Air Force One” lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

DIA DOESN'T WANT THEM: Denver International Airport has refused the application of Chick-fil-A to put a restaurant out there because they're against gay marriage. And they have the GALL to openly say this is the reason for the refusal. Their position on a political issue with which the “powers that be” at DIA don't agree. Boy, we “live in interesting times,” don't we? People used to use other excuses to obfuscate their reasons for such decisions. Now they're “right out front” with their illegal reasons. It's too bad DIA is owned by the City of Denver so that politicians can make such decisions, based only on POLITICS, and think they can get away with it, as long as liberal Democrats are still "in charge."

BUILT ON A LIE”: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark (himself a black man) says the “Black Lives Matter” movement is based on a LIE. And he is SO right! That lie his fellow criminals told in Ferguson, MO, told about when Mike Brown was killed while trying his best to kill a white cop, that he “had his hands up- and was shouting 'don't shoot, don't shoot!' “ They TESTIFIED to this in court, but were not punished when it turned out to BE a lie because the police politicians were so afraid of the black rioters they wanted to do everything they could to mollify them. It has turned into a “vote-getting” organization for black people who are gullible and are already cop-haters.

BYPASSING CONGRESS”: Obama is “Tired of having to deal with Congress” and says many people want him to just “bypass Congress.” He actually talked about that in public. Well, before a bunch of “progressive liberals,” that is. Of course, we know liberals are all mostly socialists, and progressives are communists (both of which are different forms of collectivism). But “bypassing Congress” is in violation of the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws. Congress is his EQUAL. It is NOT subservient to him. He CANNOT legally “bypass Congress” in making laws. That is a “high crime” and subjects him to the danger of being IMPEACHED. And it should.

TO HELL WITH 'EM: Reporters seem to be uniformly giving presidential candidates hell over use of the term, “anchor babies,” and several of them are telling them to “go to hell.” Trump frankly said, “I'll use those words if I think it's appropriate!” Jeb Bush told the reporter, “If you can find a better term, I'll use it. Until then, I'll use what I feel appropriate” (or words to that effect). These fools still think they can control the words people use, but they seem to be losing traction on that “PC thing.” For my part, I don't recognize their “dictated words.” I use words I consider appropriate, and political correctness be damned.

LIBERAL PHONINESS: In at least TWO cases, “black leaders” have been shown to be whites, PRETENDING to be black. Which tells me we should check on the “bona-fides” or ALL “liberal leaders.” Not just the supposed black ones. Look into Al Sharpton's background and see if he isn't a white man in black face. Then Jesse Jackson and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan. Check further into Obama's claims to be an American citizen and thus QUALIFIED to be president. If he's not, can we reverse all the socialist policies he has set in motion while “bypassing Congress?” And maybe send him to prison for swindling the nation? I doubt it'll ever happen, but we can hope, can't we?

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