Thursday, August 20, 2015

"This Kind of Nonsense"

Hillary Clinton says of all the numerous scandals plaguing her, “This kind of nonsense goes along with running for president.” Just one little problem. It isn't “nonsense.” It is very real scandals that she has yet to address. And until she does, it will continue to come up, time and time again, until, or unless, she answers questions about them, or she is punished for them. I don't think I've ever seen a presidential candidate with more scandals in her wake than Hillary.

FIRESTORM OVER TRUMP'S BIBLE”: It's an indication of the loss of morals of American voters that Trump saying his favorite book is the Bible would create such a “firestorm.” What they don't mention is that the people who are griping are all liberals, whose religion is either liberalism or global warming—or both. They show their ignorance when they cry about this. They claim to be “God-fearing folks,” but they're all atheists, every one of them. Or this would not make them mad.

THE SERVER IS BLANK: Surprise, surprise! Hillary has “turned over” an empty box in response to the Congress demanding her e-mail server. ALL files have been deleted. It will remain for the computer experts to find out of she overwrote the files, making it impossible to recover ANY files. Unless she is completely computer incompetent, they will be. It is that, on which will depend her future, either as president, or a castaway in the world of politics, or maybe even a prisoner. But it's hard to say what will come of it, in any case, as long as Obama or somebody like him is in charge. “The fix is in.” Obama will never convict a liberal of wrongdoing in politics, even if he hates her. What she does is too much like what he, himself, does.

HILLARY'S REALLY DUMB! She thinks she can make us believe she “turned in” her REAL “server” in response to the Congressional demand, when all she “turned in” is an old, empty “server” with nothing on it. So from now on she'll LIE and claim she really “turned in her server” when all she “turned in” was an empty box a server might have USED TO have been in. And she'll expect us to believe it. But unfortunately for her, we're not that stupid. Nor is Congress. That “server” is like Hillary: who is an “empty pantsuit.”

ALGORE FOR PRESIDENT? What a fool idea! If he hadn't proven his stupidity while he was vice-president, he showed what a con man he was when he started that “global warming” scam. If Al ever gets CLOSE to the White House again, we're ALL in big doo-doo! It's bad enough that he got elected to the most useless political office in the land, but if Americans are STUPID enough to elect him to the PRESIDENCY, it's the END for us. Just THINKING about letting Gore run again shows just how DESPERATE the Democrats are for SOMEBODY (other than HIllary) with at least some NAME recognition to run.

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