Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gun From Obama's Gun-Running

Nadir Hamid Soofi (What a ridiculous name! But he probably has more, as most Muslims do.) used a gun from Obama's “gun-running scheme to Mexican drug cartels” disguised as a “sting,” in his mass killing spree in Garland, TX. Why Obama hasn't been subjected to a CRIMINAL investigation and impeached for this gun-running scheme, I don't know. Except I know as long as Obama is “in charge,” the “fix is in,” and he won't be taken to task for ANY of his crimes.

RESPECT” FOR MUSLIMS: The Homeland Security Agency head refuses to call the Chattanooga killing of several UNARMED Marines (if they'd have been armed, only the terrorist would be dead) and one sailor Islamic terrorism, “out of respect for Muslims.” What kind of ignorant, incompetent thinking dictates this? Real “moderate Muslims,” which I don't think exist, aren't “offended” when we tell the TRUTH about the marauding ways of Muslim extremists. Only hidden Muslims extremists are, and we should not CARE if they “get their panties in a twist.” They already hate us.

FORCE KEEPS US FREE: That's a quote from a recent article in the Daily Caller on Obama's efforts to disarm us through banning or buying up (with our money) all the ammunition he can. The writer said he would prefer “utopian pacifism,” But “force is what has kept us free. And that has been true since Biblical times.” I disagree; that has been true FOREVER. The cave man with a club who knew how to use it kept his family safe (long before there were guns). He didn't “reason” with people who wanted to steal what was his, he simply clubbed them to death. I favor that option in all ways.

BIDEN'S RUNNING: He's running because his dying son said he should, on his deathbed. (snark,sniff, snort) What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff! I've heard some blatant political manipulation in my time (and my time goes back a long way) but that is the most obvious manipulation I've seen. Very convenient that Biden's dying son would urge him to do exactly what he wanted to do, anyway. And did anybody BUT Joe hear him say it? Doubtful. Like with Harry Ried's “friend” who told him Romney hadn't paid taxes in ten years (false), it's all in his imagination.

APOLOGIZE TO JAPAN? That liberal rag, “The Nation,” asks why we haven't “apologized to Japan” for using an atom bomb on them. What? How stupid ARE they? Has Japan apologized for bombing Pearl Harbor and killing THOUSANDS of American military men and women, starting WWII? Why the HELL would we apologize to the ENEMY for retaliating for their attacks on US? DAMN! I can't believe how STUPID some people are!

THE ULTIMATE SCREWING”: Sec. Of State John Kerry says rejecting the “deal” Obama made with Iran would be “the ultimate screwing of the ayatollah.” So”? What do we care about “screwing” the ayatollah? He's been “screwing” US for years, and he's “screwing” his people in a regular basis. So who cares if he gets screwed? Maybe a little screwing would do him a world of good, whether or not he realizes it. Maybe if Obama would let us SEE what is contained in the “agreement,” we might think differently. But I doubt it. There is a reason he's hiding it from us.

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