Monday, August 24, 2015

Replacing Obamacare

Every politician talks about “replacing Obamacare. What the hell FOR? Why do we need to REPLACE Obamacare? Why does the GOVERNMENT have to [pay for health insurance for individuals? That's the “upshot” of it. Obama promised it. Her promised that Obamacare would REDUCE health care insurance costs by HALF. In reality, it INCREASED health care insurance rates by DOUBLE, and deductibles increased so much (thousands of dollars) as to make the insurance WORTHLESS. What the hell GOOD is it?

YOU CAN PREDICT THIS STUFF: I predicted that the FBI would “resurrect” what had been on Hillary's server (IF that was actually THE server and not just some derelict old “server” masquerading as her server) and the FBI has announced that, “yes, they CAN “resurrect” it. Anybody who has even a rudimentary knowledge of computers (which is about my level of knowledge of computers) knows it's very hard to TOTALLY wipe a hard drive—ever. Not for the really computer savvy. But then, I doubt her e-mails were ever on this particular “server” so they're not going to find anything, and she'll just CLAIM they just couldn't bring any of her e-mails up.

IT AIN'T REALLY FREE: Socialist politicians have learned that the best way to get votes is to promise something “free,” even if you know you can't provide it. Usually, nobody finds out it ain't really free until AFTER you've been elected, and then you can always obfuscate the issue. With Hillary, it's “free tuition” for their kids. But it ain't free for everybody, of course. In New Hampshire alone, increased taxes will hit 23,000 families, and her “plan” is the most complicated scheme, ever. So nobody can really say it's phony and prove it. That's how it always is. Make it as complicated as possible so nobody can understand it.

IT'S STILL ILLEGAL: Hillary may have thought she'd get away with “wiping” the server she had hidden in a bathroom, so nobody could ever get anything off it. WRONG! Nothing ever goes COMPLETELY away in the computer world. But it was a futile effort, anyway, as attempting to “wipe” information from a server under subpoena is still a CRIME, punishable by imprisonment (and it's not your decision whether or not the messages are private). And if that IS the real server she used, there WILL be data still available. But I'm sure there isn't. Knowing Hillary, it's just a “stand-in” for the real one, which was probably burned up or BLOWN up, out in the woods, somewhere—which is the only way to COMPLETELY “wipe it.”

IT DEPENDS ON THE DEFINITION OF “WIPED”: Hillary tried valiantly to deflect questions about whether or not she “wiped” her e-mail server by “playing dumb.” When asked about “wiping” the server, she asked, “What? You mean with a cloth or something?” Like she had no idea what was meant by the question. Clue: she IS “dumb,” but not about computers, only about what constitutes a CRIME. That's how corrupt politicians have deflected questions abut their “crimes” from “time immemorial.” Just “play dumb” and “change the definition” of the words. She learned that from Bill—or he learned it from her.

TARGET DOERS STUPID THING: They “bowed to their bosses (liberals) and tugged at their forelocks when they spoke, then eliminated reference to sex in their stores because they didn't want children to be worried about their “sexual identity.” Never mind their customers are either make or female. That can't be changed, naturally. It can either be accepted or denied. And denying it doesn't change a thing. They're STILL either male or female, even if they ACT like the other sex. Why those “sex deniers” don't just ADMIT they're gay and want to create a REASON to have sex with someone of their own sex, I don't know, in this day and age where being gay gives them power over us heterosexuals.

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