Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Won't She Answer?

Hillary just WON'T answer questions about “wiping” her e-mail server. She even got into a shouting match with a Fox reporter over it, and even tried a lame joke about “wiping the server with a rag” (like she was stupid) to avoid answering. There's a good reason for not answering. If she answers and lies, it will come back to haunt her, later. And if she tells the truth, she may convict herself of a crime. She's ultimately going to be convicted, but she hopes not. She hopes Obama will do like Ford did for Nixon, and pardon her for “all and sundry crimes,” known or unknown. She might not go to prison, but her political career will be over.

ABORTIONIST IMPRISONED: Kermit Gosnell was imprisoned for life for killing babies that survived an abortion attempt. Planned Parenthood has done the same thing (many times), and are being SUPPORTED by many liberals (and some conservatives, too) by none other than the the PRESIDENT, and at least ONE would-be president, Hillary Clinton. Since when is condoning infant MURDER something a would-be president OR A “SITTING” president should do? That makes BOTH of them criminals—guilty before AND after the fact.

OBAMA HATES FRACKING: Because it is threatening to improve the economy—and Obama doesn't want that—it would mess up his efforts to make this into a socialist nation. He could no longer blame “capitalism” for the economic failure HE created by spending more money than there IS, and borrowing to the hilt from one of our ENEMIES, communist China. So he has written a “flurry” of EPA “regulations” that, if enacted, will destroy any economic advantage fracking can create. This guy is POISON for this country, and he MUST be stopped, whatever (legally) it takes. His policies are responsible for the market problems we are now suffering.

INCRIMINATING MILITIAS: The FBI, soon after the Garland, Texas Islamic Muslim attack on a bunch of cartoonists for drawing pictures of “The Prophet,” circulated an “advisory” alerting the locals to the “fact” that “home-grown right-wing militias” were planning attacks on mosques and other Muslim installations and institutions, and even individual Muslims. A bald-faced attempt to incriminate “right-wingers,” who are contemplating no such thing). It's a typical liberal attempt to incriminate their critics by innuendo, and WITHOUT any kind of PROOF of anything that they can, or HAVE provided. They even “limited” distribution of this “advisory” to keep “outsiders” from knowing. But it leaked.

SENDING TROOPS AGAINST ISIS? They're making a “big thing” about GOP candidates “waffling” about sending “ground troops” against ISIS (or any Islamic terrorists, under whatever name they operate). Why is that? The answer should be simple to INTELLIGENT people. Send in as many “ground troops” as it takes to completely WIPE OUT Islamic terrorism, wherever it raises its ugly head. Chop it off, like they do to OUR people. Obama doesn't have the guts, so at least ONE of the Republicans (probably trump) MUST have enough.

WHY CLOSE GITMO? So far, Obama has not given us a REAL reason why he should close GITMO and OPEN a site in which to keep terrorists we capture in the act of killing Americans all over the world. But he's going ahead with it, anyway. If they are brought here for imprisonment, they gain “rights” they have no right to have, and many of them will end up being released IN the United States, to kill more Americans. Why? So Obama can keep an INSANE campaign promise to his liberals allies. Meanwhile, Americans die. But he doesn't care.

IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN: The “Minuteman Review” is asking “What would you do if Hillary (if she became president) banned your version of the Bible because she deemed it to be a 'threat' to her control?” And if she put out an “approved” version for you to read? It ain't gonna happen. If she TRIED, there'd be a revolution before morning. She would be unseated, imprisoned, maybe even executed. There are some things you don't mess with in America, and the government has already TRIED to mess with religious freedom. I'm waiting for the upheaval. King James might have done it in the past, but there was no Constitution, then.

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