Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Clean Power Plan: More Taxes"

Whenever Obama announces another of his “plans,” I unconsciously clutch my wallet, because his “plans” always mean more money out of ALL our pockets. Everything he TOUCHES means more money out of our pockets. This is one thing you can absolutely DEPEND on with all politicians, especially Obama. Their primary purpose in DC is to figure out more and more ways to “sweet talk” us out of more money. Obama has many people on his (our) payroll whose only job is to come up with more ways to scam us out of more money. Every day DC politicians stay at home is a day they don't come up with new ways to CON us out of more money. But count on it, Obama's “back room” appointees will still be there, working feverishly to do it. Obama is the chief con man in DC. Has been, since he crawled out from under his rock and elbowed Hillary aside to con his way into the presidency.

CHRIS MATTHEWS CLUELESS: I don't know what it is with this guy. He's in a position where he should KNOW how Obama is ruining this country every day he lives and is president. But yet, he can't figure out why so many people hate this “moderate” president. Well, I'll answer his question: Obama is ANYTHING BUT moderate. He is a radical socialist Muslim sympathizer and he is going to leave this country in shambles when he leaves—IF he ever does leave. I don't HATE him, I just have NO USE for him, or what he represents. And that's true of most INTELLIGENT Americans. Apparently, that does not include ignorant people like Matthews.

CONFEDERATE FLAG SALES SOAR: Conservatives say, “It's time liberals found out they can't tell us what to say or what to do.” And they're right. I've never felt any need to fly a Confederate flag until now. Not because I necessarily believe in the “Confederacy,” but because liberals want to tell me I CAN'T. When people tell me I can't do something, my basic impulse it to DO IT! Take THAT, liberals! Take it and stick it where you sit. HARD! I agree with the Patriot Depot. Making liberals mad never gets old for me.

SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE”: Liberals like to go around accusing MEN of sexism, and completely ignore the sexism in their own members. What do I mean? I mean Barbara Boxer (D-CA) when she said, “I don't need lectures from MEN.” Not, “I don't need lectures from ANYBODY,” FROM MEN! If that isn't blatant sexism, I don't know what is. It's yet another example of liberals accusing others of what THEY do. Sexism and racism are both Democrat hallmarks, no matter how much they want us to think otherwise.

TREAT BLACKS UNFAIRLY? I don't think so. This comes out of a research project of the
Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, I'm sure EVERYBODY who is “rousted” by the cops (black or white) thinks he/she was “Rousted” unfairly. But for blacks to blame it all on racism is foolhardy. They attribute an “angry look” from a white man as racism. Maybe that angry look came because that black man did something to offend the white man. But even so, he blames it on racism. They'll blame THIS on racism, even though I judge everybody by their ACTIONS, not their color, or anything else. But they refuse to believe that, because it's easier to blame ANY criticism on racism than to own up to their own transgressions. The president has raised that to an “art form.”

CAN WALKER BEAT HILLARY?” That's a question being asked about ALL the presidential candidates on the Republican side, as if Hillary was such a strong candidate it would take an extraordinary candidate to beat her. The truth is, Hillary has so many negatives, ANY good Republican could beat her like a drum. As long as "the fix is not in." The only reason she is perceived as such a strong candidate is she has the “king-makers” behind her. It's those “king-makers” who let an unknown Muslim who probably wasn't even a CITIZEN “elbow her aside in 2008.

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