Thursday, August 13, 2015

This Should END Hillary

Hillary Clinton has come out with a “full-throated” support of that criminal baby-murdering outfit, Planned Parenthood. That, alone, should forever BAR her from being elected to ANY office. Even if we ignore her other numerous CRIMES. Apparently she is not smart enough to realize what a murdering bunch she is supporting, and that they should be SHUT DOWN, now! Before they can murder one more innocent child. I expect such stupidity of Hillary. There are many things in her background that should BAR her from being elected to ANYTHING, but this is the WORST. This is condoning baby MURDER!

THE FIX IS DEFINITELY IN!” There is no longer any doubt. The Intelligence Inspector General is BANNED from seeing Hillary's e-mails. Hillary Clinton was ordered to turn over ALL her e-mails from her private server during her tenure as Secretary of State, and she complied....sort of. She turned over all of them EXCEPT those she deemed too “damaging” to herself and CLAIMED they were “personal.” But were they? We'll never know, because she lawlessly deleted them so no one would ever get to see them. She should be PUNISHED for that,. If for none of her other obvious crimes, like letting four Americans, including an AMBASSADOR, be MURDERED in Benghazi. No matter how much she denies it.

TOO MANY CANDIDATES: There are now 17 (at this writing) Republican candidates for president (unless in the time it took me to write this, even more announced). It'll take so long to just INTRODUCE all of them in the debate that there will be little (if any) time to debate. And most of them are good candidates, giving Americans a confusing decision to make—unless you go with Trump, who is “trumping” all of them. And the organizers are making special plans to STOP Trump, which means it will be easy to shut him up (they think) on the debate stage. (This is written the day of the debates)

CHOOSING OUR CHOICES: The way the Republicans are scheming to “stop” Trump during the debates further illustrates how the “powers that be” decide just WHO we can vote for, even before any election. The people who are left are their “chosen ones.” Anybody they don't like, they just eliminate in the early going. Like they did with Sarah Palin, in cooperation with the Democrats. Sarah, like Trump, scared the hell out of both parties because they knew neither of them would “follow the party line,” but would go their own way, and could upset their applecarts and destroy their little fiefdoms. But Trump, having a lot of money, unlike Sarah, will be a little more difficult to eliminate. He doesn't need their money.

CRAZINESS AND CRUEL”: That's what Obama said about the practice of killing albinos in Africa and harvesting their body parts for sale. About the practice of MURDERING otherwise healthy BABIES and selling their body parts in his own country, he has NO OPINION. Is he stupid, ignorant, or just cruel and unfeeling about his own people? And this is the fool we (not me) elected as PRESIDENT! TWICE! Is this a country peopled by damned FOOLS? All of them liberals, some of them Republicans.

THEY TRIED TO “TAKE HIM OUT”: All the candidates (with maybe the exception of one) went into the presidential debate vowing to “take Trump out.” Dr. Carson showed a little restraint. But take him out was the furthest thing from what they did. They said he doesn't have any idea how to govern. But neither do any of them, at least on a national scale. Neither does Barack Hussein Obama, who has BEEN the president for the last 7 years, and has so screwed up the economy we are on the brink of bankruptcy. And he has done a lot of other stupid things, too many to even mention here.

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