Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Typical Government Incompetence

The toxic spill on the Animus River in Colorado is a typical example of government incompetence. Most governmental incompetence is covered up, but there's no way to cover up an entire yellow river that'll kill you if you drink any of its water. They came in to help stop a SMALL leakage into the river from an old mine, and incompetently created a major disaster. They DID admit their culpability though, it would be impossible to HIDE it in this case. But it does make you wonder about how many other areas are there in which their incompetence causes, rather than stems bad things?

AMERICAN WAKE-UP CALL: The popularity of Donald Trump should be a “wake-up call” to politicians, everywhere. Even Ben Carson can't pass him by and his popularity (second) should also wake us up. In many other elections, both these men would be relegated to the status of “also rans.” But not in today's atmosphere. We're tired of “politics as usual” and go for such people because they REALLY ARE “outsiders.” Trump is a PROVEN leader who made for himself a massive fortune by his skill in management of large organizations. Liberals hate that, which should tell us it's what we WANT. Carson proved his guts by what he said with Obama right at the table to his right. These are the kind of people we WANT to run this country.

MAKING YOUR OWN SYMBOLS: Now liberals are saying the POW/MIA flag is racist. “This week, Newsweek published an opinion claiming that the POW/MIA flag is a 'racist flag' that 'spreads a pernicious myth' and "is useful only to venal right-wing politicians who wish to exploit hatred by calling it heritage." They forget they're free to print such drivel BECAUSE of the people represented by that flag. Otherwise, their every word would have to be APPROVED by the government. It's nice to think you have the right to DEFINE things as “racist.” But that doesn't make it so.

HATING HILLARY: Some people say I HATE Hillary. But I don't. I just have no use for her, or her socialist positions, or her criminal actions, which she is stonewalling right now. Turning over an EMPTY server and CLAIMING it is the server that she used for her private e-mail, used while she was Secretary of State is her latest criminal act, and she is rightly under a CRIMINAL investigation by the FBI, even while she is running for president. And that investigation is NOT “politics as usual,” it is predicated on her criminal ACTIONS, right along, turning over this EMPTY server box is just the latest.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Liberals are now asking “What's the difference between the Oath Keepers and ISIS?” Because four heavily armed men identifying themselves as members of the Oath Keepers came to Ferguson, MO, saying they're “determined to protect the Constitution.” The answer is simple: the Oath Keepers have not beheaded anybody. They haven't raped or KILLED anybody. They haven't taken over any territory by force of arms. What part of that don't liberals UNDERSTAND? Damn there are really some STUPID liberals. Most of them, actually.

NY GOV CUOMO DEFENDS PP: NY Governor Cuomo says, “leave Planned Parenthood alone.” A better way to ensure he will not be re-elected (nor elected to ANY office in the future) I cannot see, except to defend a bunch of serial killers whose targets are unborn (and some BORN) infants who can't defend themselves, and who never even get a CHANCE at life. Most of them black, of course, since their founder was a racist who wanted to kill as many black babies as possible to “clean up America.” Don't just "defund" Planned Parenthood. Raid them, arrest them, put them in PRISON and execute as many of them as can be proved to have a personal hand in killing those babies.

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