Saturday, August 22, 2015

So What the Hell?

So they finally got a picture of Hillary eating a “pork chop on a stick” at the Iowa state Fair. So what? People EAT. Even politicians. Though I'm surprised any of them can stop braying long enough to use their mouths for anything but fooling the public. So what's the big deal about catching Hillary with something in her mouth besides a LIE? Damn, the things the media thinks are important! It's so common for them to paint something entirely natural into a shameful thing, it shouldn't even be a “newsmaker,” any more. But it will always be, because of the large number of stupid people in the media.

WHAT WAS SHE DOING? Hillary claims she never sent, or received an e-mail containing classified material on her private server. NO kidding! She was Secretary of State! She didn't HAVE another e-mail account (she claims). So what was she DOING all the time? Having fun globe-trotting and socializing with world leaders while accomplishing NOTHING? There are many unanswered questions about her stint as Secretary of State. This is one of them. Was she she in that office only to divert attention from where the REAL business was being conducted? More misdirection from Obama?

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT”: Hillary is puzzled after being asked about her “e-mail scandal” at the Iowa State Fair, which is not a closed Democrat political meeting where everything it tightly controlled, even the questioning. She says, “nobody ever asks me about this, so I wonder about the interest here.” NOBODY asks her about it? I'm not surprised in her “self-contained environment.” I don't think she ever pays attention to the REAL news because nobody ever tells her about it. And the subpoenas and demands for her server? Probably handled by her lawyers without them ever mentioning it to her. She's as ignorant of the news as is Obama.

BIDEN TO SEEK ONE TERM? Ol' Joe is sending signals that he might just run for president in his own right. And only stay for one term. He says that's all he'll need to "fix" DC. Yeah, right. I guess it's because the Democrats are in “panic mode” because of all Hillary's scandals, and the “king makers” in the Democrat Party want him to run, and if he wins, stay there just long enough to “elbow Hillary aside” one more time. She'll be too old to run next time, so they'll have dispensed with her. They're afraid her “baggage” is just going to be “too heavy” and she may even end up in prison on a corruption charge. IF Obama doesn't pardon her in advance like Ford did for Nixon. That's how crooked politicians do things.

OBAMA VOWS VETO: He says if Congress votes not to approve the Iran deal, he'll veto it. He just doesn't understand it doesn't work that way. If Congress votes not to approve that deal, he doesn't GET to veto that. Their APPROVAL is REQUIRED for any such deal to go through, and he can't “veto” that. If they reject it, it is rejected. Period. Obama is so steeped in his own power, he thinks it is limitless. He needs to learn it is NOT. Vetoes are only for LAWS being made, not Congress's approval or disapproval of a treaty.

FIORINA: “GOVT. BIGGEST THREAT”: Carly Fiorina says 'it's ludicrous for Obama to say that global warming (whatever they call it today) “is the biggest problem facing us today.” And she's right. The biggest problem facing us today is Islamic terrorism, because Obama is actively HELPING them to come here to kill as many of us as they can. He is bringing them in by the thousands, maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands, soon to be MILLIONS without any kind of “vetting” to see if they're terrorist sympathizers. He is ARMING them by leaving our expensive guns, ammunition, and equipment when he orders his troops to “cut and run” from the battlefield. Global warming is a “made-up threat.”

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