Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Presidential Delusion

I can't believe how DELUDED Obama is! He says, “I'm a pretty good president. If I could run again, I'd win.” Who told him that? One of his “closest advisers,” who tell him ONLY what he wants to hear? Obama says he learned about most of his scandals from the media, and I believe him. Any president who plays "hooky” from his morning briefing learns NOTHING and stays ignorant, all the time. All he knows is what his cronies tell him, and that's only what he wants to hear, or what advances THEIR careers.

AMERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA!: Sorry, folks. I was just reacting to the New Hampshire University's “Bias-Free Language Guide,” which lists the word, “American” as being a word people should never use because it isn't “inclusive.” The word “homosexual” is also included, with the “guide” recommending the use of the words, “Same-gender loving,” which is a good example of the twists and turns the “PC Police” go to to dictate what we MAY say. I don't subscribe to “PC speech, and will NEVER allow ANYBODY to tell me what words I can, and cannot use. To them I say, “Stick it in whatever orifice you sit on.”

DEMOCRAT AGAINST ABORTION: Democrat congressman from Ohio Bill Patmon (himself black) is sponsoring the “defund Planned Parenthood” bill. He says demonstrators who demonstrated in the “black lives matter” movement “”skipped one place” they should have visited: Planned Parenthood. And that's obvious to INTELLIGENT observers. He's referring to the fact that the BULK of babies murdered are BLACK. He also noted that 68% of Americans are AGAINST abortion. That's way too few, but better than nothing.

CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE: Debbie Wasserman Shultz, (she of the worse hair than Trump), DNC Chair, can't describe the difference between the Democrat Party and socialists. That's because there IS no difference. If they were honest, they'd change their name to “The Socialist Party.” But don't blame her. She doesn't even know what a socialist IS, although she IS one. She's not smart enough. If you doubt it, just listen to her state the purposes of the Democrat Party. I don't use the word “Democratic” to describe her party because there is NOTHING “Democratic” about that party.

JUDGE BLOCKS RELEASE: A “bought and paid for” federal judge (who contributed, or arranged contributions of more than $230,000 to the Obama campaign and was appointed by Obama as a federal judge) has blocked the release of any more pictures of Planned Parenthood doctors blithely bragging about how much money they're making by selling dead baby body parts by the outfit that took them. This order is patently unconstitutional, violating the First Amendment to the Constitution. But this judge thinks he/she can enforce that order, and he/she might be right, with the fool bureaucrats running the DOJ today. The answer is simple: let somebody ELSE release them. Take a page out of the Democrat playbook.

GOP DEBATES TO BE DISAPPOINTING: They'll take so long just INTRODUCING the candidates, they won't have any time left to ask them any questions, nor get any answers. But they'll have plenty of time in the Democrat debates (if any happen) because Hillary isn't answering ANY questions. And her only “serious” opponent, an ADMITTED socialist, HAS no answers. Not any that anyone wants to hear, anyway.

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