Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Military: "Sitting Ducks?"

Do the “powers that be” WANT our military people to be “sitting ducks? They KNOW ISIS and other Islamic terrorists are coming here in droves. Hell, Obama is HELPING them get here! They WANT to kill Americans, especially military people, because it's the military that has hurt them the most. So Obama helpfully keeps most of them DISARMED, right on their military reservations, while in UNIFORM! Unless they're on duty that requires them to be armed (such as military police). Is Obama merely STUPID? Or does he WANT to make them into “sitting ducks” for dedicated Islamic terrorists or those recruited from among the misfits here? I think he's HELPING the terrorists “do their thing.”

DESTROYING COAL INDUSTRY: I don't know what Obama has against the coal industry. He CLAIMS they pollute more than anybody, but he's wrong. There are many other things in this world more polluting than coal, while coal is ESSENTIAL to making energy in other areas. Electricity, for instance. Yes, they CAN use gas to produce electricity—but at a much higher cost. Which means more cost to US. There's really nothing currently to replace coal at the same cost, But Obama doesn't care. He blithely BRAGS that getting rid of coal will make energy prices SKYROCKET.

IS IT WORTH IT?” CBS asked Reince Preibus (Damn, who gave him that awful name?), Republican Party Chair, “if it was worth shutting down the government to defund Planned Parenthood?” I don't know Priebus' answer, but I'll give you mine. YES! ABSOLUTELY! PP is MURDERING BABIES! Every day! And selling their body parts for massive profits! And I don't even care about that! If they were selling them for NO profit, I'd still be outraged that CBS would ask such a STUPID question. PP is worse than the worst serial killer! Would it be worth it to shut down the government if they forced it to convict the MURDERER of thousands of ADULTS? ABSOLUTELY! Damn, how STUPID are people today!

DEPRIVING WOMEN OF HEALTH CARE”: On the “Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore said defunding Planned Parenthood would be “stranding millions of women without health care.” What a LOAD of bull dung! There are many other sources of health care for women that are supported without murdering babies! Even if what he said was true, women's health care is not WORTH allowing PP to commit mass MURDER on defenseless BABIES! Somebody needs to pound this simple truth into the incredibly hard heads of liberals.

CECIL WAS NOT A PET: No lion is ever a “pet” in Africa (or anywhere else). He was NOT “beloved” of ANYBODY. Yes, he did live in a “preserve” and was “lured out” so he could be killed. The nearby villagers didn't feel saddened, they were thrilled at one less lion to plague them. That's the way it is in Africa, where they know lions are NOT the way they're pictured in “The Lion King,” which is simply an INVENTION. And to value a LION over thousands (or MILLIONS) of unborn babies is CRIMINAL!

BLATANT CONSTITUTION VIOLATION: The constitutional prohibition on punishing ANYBODY for what they say or think is about to be violated. By none other than the vaunted crime family, the IRS. They say any organization that speaks out against gay marriage could lose their tax-exempt status, If this is not governmental PUNISHMENT for their opposing opinion, I don't know what is! And for that THEY should be punished. But will they? Not a chance. Not with Obama and the liberals in charge! What's next? The same threat toward those who want to defund that baby- murdering outfit, Planned Parenthood?

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