Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Attacking the Exposer

Hillary is attacking Judicial Watch, claiming they are a “partisan group” who have been attacking her for twenty years. And that's true. They HAVE been trying to “bring her to justice” for twenty years or more, and have not had much luck, since she is so good at lying and “fending off” all accusations without answering a single question. As to being “a partisan group,” ANY outfit that disagrees with her is, to her, “a partisan group.” Maybe if she “came clean,” she wouldn't have to worry about “partisan groups” trying to “bring her to justice.” But I don't look for that to happen any time soon.

DEAD WHITE COPS DON'T MAKE NEWS: Every time a white cop kills a black kid (who was trying to kill HIM) it makes big news, with liberals trying their best to incriminate the cops. But when a couple of black kids (gang members) kills a couple of cops, it's “ho, hum” in the media. They don't care if a black kid kills a cop. That doesn't “advance their agenda” of cop-hating” and thus, they're not interested. I'm getting very tired of this double standard, which is the basic reason behind ALL my blogging efforts. The very first book I ever bought on politics was about how the media “twisted the news” to suit their preconceived notions. It was a revelation, at the time. Now it's “old news” to me.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: You might get it. The “black lives matter” crowd SAY all they want is for white cops to stop killing black kids. But what they really want is to destroy the institution of police, altogether. But I have to ask them: who do you call when YOU are victimized? You certainly don't call the local gangs, because they (or somebody in their membership) are probably the ones who victimized you. The whole thing is, police kill black kids because black kids kill so many people, some of them, even cops. When black kids stop killing people, cops will stop killing them. Count on it.

AND THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY: Baltimore, MD, “declared war” on their cops, and their murder rate went up—and they can't figure out why that is. This, more than anything else, points out their abysmal INCOMPETENCE to run the government in Baltimore, or anywhere else. And who are they? DEMOCRATS, of course! Everywhere they run things, they're going broke, but nobody either notices, or says anything. They keep on electing Democrats because they know the Democrats will “keep the goodies coming.” They don't even think about the long-range consequences of the acts these socialist/Deocrats put in place. Like “income redistribution,” which means STEALING from those who EARN and GIVING to those who don't.

WE NEED TO KILL 'EM ALL: A former cop on fox's “Outnumbered” (which should be called, “Legs,” because that's what most men remember most about the show), said, “We need to kill them all,” about the Islamic terrorists. He says Obama's policy of not sending in ground troops is IGNORANT and INCOMPETENT. And he's right. The only thing these people understand is DEATH. Theirs, or ours. And it's up to us to make sure it's THEIRS. They all want to be killed in battle so they can get their 72 virgins. We should be ready and willing to help them attain that goal. These people have “thrown away” their right to live.

ONE WAY ONLY: The pushers of the “black lives matter” movement shout down anybody who says ALL LIVES MATTER! They don't want anything to interfere with their racist rants. Not even truth. And their rant IS racist, because it tolerates NO consideration that any but BLACK lives matter. For that, they are rightly labeled “racist.” And should be repudiated. People who push TRUTH, will tell you that LIFE MATTERS. Not just black, or white, or Hispanic, or Asian, or any others. ALL lives. If they disagree with that, they are phonies.

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