Monday, August 10, 2015

Just Let 'Em Talk

And they'll reveal themselves. They can't help it. They're stupid that way. They aren't intelligent or they wouldn't be liberals in the first place. Accepting the “flights of fancy” the liberals preach REVEALS their ignorance. And their refusal to accept the truth changes that to STUPIDITY. Recently, liberal Kelly Osborne blew away even other liberals on “The View” when she blurted out, “If all the illegals left, who would clean our toilets?” Try doing it YOURSELF, Kelly! How stupid is this broad to even THINK such a thing, much less blurt it out loud, and on national television?

ANSWER ALWAYS “MORE TAXES”: Whenever a politician wants to “find a way to solve a problem,” the answer always seems to be “more taxes.” “Throw money at it, and see if it sticks.” It usually won't, but by then they're walking away and don't even notice. So the next time they want to “solve a problem” probably the next day, the answer is the same: more taxes. The government maw is insatiable. It doesn't matter how much we give them, they want MORE. And tomorrow, they'll want even more money out of us to spend as stupidly as they always do. They're incompetent, and only intelligent people know it. People who “pay attention” to what they do. They're blissfully unaware of it.

LIVING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES”: Obama says, “We're now living with the consequences of invading the Islamic Republic of Iraq.” That's a typical Obama LIE. We're actually living with the consequences of him ordering his men to “cut and run” from Iraq without finishing the job we went there to accomplish. ISIS (or whatever name they use today) is HIS creation. and he works HARD to help them any way he can. from leaving expensive guns, ammunition, and equipment for them to steal and use to kill more people to flat out giving them money.

KERRY BELIEVES IT: Sec. Of State Kerry says Iran will NEVER attack Israel because they PROMISED! An Iraq promise is like an Obama “truth.” You can count on it to be a LIE. They have broken every promise they ever made, just as every “truth” Obama has told ends up in a LIE. And Kerry has BOUGHT their BS. Damn, what a STUPID man Kerry is! And I predict Obama will echo him, not through stupidity, but because it's a part of his SCAM. There's a good reason why Obama is hiding the details of his “agreement” with Iran. There's SOMETHING in it he KNOWS we won't like and he figures he can keep it from us long enough to get it approved.

DEATH TO AMERICA!” Has anybody ever heard a Republican saying, “Death to America,” or to ANYBODY? No? Then how does Obama justify comparing the Republicans to the Iranians, who DO? It's typical “take no prisoners” dirty politics, which Democrats, especially Obama, are known for. With such crappy people in office, it's no wonder we're on the brink of bankruptcy with nobody in the world respecting us any more. It's too bad we can't do anything about a goon and thug like Obama.

DEFENDING STUPIDITY: Whoopi Goldberg, one of the panelists on “The View,” defends Kelly Osborne, who said, “If Mexicans all left, who would clean our toilets?” She says, “Just because somebody steps in dog doo, that doesn't make her a racist.” No? I think it does. Kelly said this “off the top of her head,” without thinking. That means it's the way she THINKS, and she didn't think there was anything wrong with it. To me, that's racism.

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