Thursday, August 13, 2015

They Called Him A Bully

Trump came through the debates in fine style. Because he speaks his mind and doesn't abide “political correctness” and makes them all look silly. They vowed to “take him out,” but couldn't. They wanted to get him to swear he wouldn't run as an independent, but couldn't. He didn't promise not to, but didn't say he would, either—which makes them leery of “shutting him out” through underhanded methods that unfairly deny him the nomination, even if he has more delegate votes than anyone else, which sounds like what they had in mind. To do so would give them the “green light” to do it, and he's too smart to do that. The “king makers” were thwarted.

I GOT DISTRACTED: I got distracted by what was happening in my home yesterday (a tornado warning right where I was--specifically) and thus, yesterday's post wasn't posted until this morning. Therefore it is the second post to carry today's date. It was all ready and edited, in my computer. For some reason, the computer didn't get turned off last night, and it appeared as soon as I sat down, so I posted it. Sorry about that. I'm an old man. I forget things. So sue me.

ACCOMMODATING MUSLIMS: Obama is doing everything he can to make life in the United States easier for Muslims. Now he has changed the oath new citizens must take to allow them to ELIMINATE the part about swearing to take part in defending this country or serving as a non-combatant if necessary. In other words, Muslims don't have to lift a finger to defend this country. Obama is a definite Muslim sympathizer and is doing everything he can to make sure Muslims prevail over human beings. Christians have predicted the “coming of a false prophet,” and Mohammed is it. Christians or no, he is about as false a prophet as there can be. To prove that, he wants to KILL all who disagree with him. His bullderm can't stand up to intelligent scrutiny, so that includes everybody with intelligence.

TRUMP RIGHT ABOUT RAPE: He says Hispanic illegal immigrants contain rapists and murderers. Considering the 30,000 CONVICTED murderers Obama ordered released, and who have killed more than 100 Americans since, plus the fact that child rape seems to be a “cultural practice” among Mexicans, if not other Hispanics, he is right, even if the PC crowd won't admit it. Don't believe it? Google it. It's not just my opinion, and his. It's FACT.

HARD TO FIND CANDIDATES: Timed to coincide with the Republican debate, the Democrats announced their six debates planned, so as to take some attention off the Republican debates. They were hoping for a few more candidates than the six (mostly unknowns except locally) who have spoken up. That's because any candidate but Hillary is doomed to failure because the “king-makers” have promised Hillary the spot (at least for now, until Joe joins the fray). And nobody wants to lose going in. It still pains me how the “king makers” decide who we MAY vote for.

YET ANOTHER VACATION: This time, both of the Obamas  are going to Martha's Vineyard (probably in different planes, since they don't care about the cost--it's not their money), a favorite vacation spot of the first Bush president. They plan on staying two weeks. It would be nice if that meant Obama wouldn't be able to take action that horrifies human beings for two weeks, but even while he is “on vacation,” he can still sign bills into law, and issue executive orders, each time costing us a lot more money and taking away more of our freedoms, after spending all the money we have, and then some. All it does is cost us a LOT of money to “assure his safety” (hers, too) outside the White House. Meanwhile, he still works to make life better for Muslims in the U. S. I look for him to make his wife start wearing a Burkha “to respect Muslims,” soon. Unless she “slaps him down” when he tries it.

STATES SMARTER THAN FEDS: So far, three states have defunded or “cut ties” with that blatant murder outfit, Planned Parenthood, an action that the fed refuses to take. A recent refusal by Congress to defund them is an action at point. Why Obama and his gang can't see that what PP stands for is BABY MURDER is beyond me. But then, the LOGIC of liberals (or the lack of it) is obvious to anybody who THINKS. They SAY PP “funds women's medical care,” but what they do best is kill babies—and there are other places for women to go for non-murder medical care help.

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