Friday, August 21, 2015

Making Cops Hesitate

All the recent hubbub over “black deaths” at the hands of police (a put-up job) caused a cop in Alabama to “hesitate to use deadly force” in a situation where it was called for, which almost cost him his life. The “perp” grabbed his gun and pistol whipped him, and he's lucky the guy didn't just KILL him. Many cops will be more apt to just “shoot first and ask questions later” if anybody is left alive. But this one hesitated, which is what this guy took advantage of. What this means is more people killed, both cops and “perps.”

WON'T GET DOWN IN THE MUD”: Hillary blames her problems on, guess what? The same imaginary “vast right-wing conspiracy” she used to excuse her husband's screwing around. Never mind the allegations against her were true, and resulted in his impeachment, even if his knowledge of “where the bodies were buried” kept the Senate from kicking him out of office. As they were then, they are true, now. And no amount of joking about an account that deletes itself will deflect the investigation. Whether or not Obama allows it to go “all the way” is the question. She says she “won't get down in the mud with them.” But she's already there, and has been for a long time.

IS BERNIE ALL THEY HAVE? If Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist is all the Democrats have to thrown up against Hillary, they're in REAL trouble. He's an ADMITTED socialist. Hillary is an UNADMITTED socialist. Voting for either one of them will get us a socialist in office, which will be no different from what we've got, now. The only difference is that neither of them have shown any tendency to HELP Islamic terrorists kill as many people as they can, as Obama has done. Actually, any Democrat who runs will be a socialist, because Democrats are the “socialist party.” Don't believe it? Just look at what they promote, such as “income redistribution” and “sharing,” whether you want to, or not.

CAN THEY KICK TRUMP OUT? The question has been asked, “Can the GOP kick Trump out of the debates?” The answer is, “maybe.” But that would be the biggest mistake they ever made. If they did, they would FORCE Trump to go the “:independent” route, which, win or lose for him, would be the DEATH of the Republican Party. They would go the way of the Whigs. And, worse case scenario, we might end up with another SOCIALIST in the White House. Talk about ”cutting off your nose to spite your face!! I've never seen a whole political party go stupid, before (to my knowledge).

WHY GOP HATES TRUMP: The answer is simple. He's not “one of them.” He's not a member of the clique. He's not a “politician” according to their definition of the word. Therefore, the “king-makers” want to be rid of him because if he gets elected, he won't follow their orders. He doesn't need their money, therefore they have no “hold” over him. Most of them are rich, as are most of the Democrats. Politicians have a way of GETTING rich while in office. But he's already “filthy rich.” They'll do anything, try any trick, to get rid of him. But frankly, I think he can “send them packing," run as an independent, and win, anyway. That REALLY frightens them.

ONE E-MAIL ACCOUNT?” Hillary claimed she only had “one device,” and only ONE e-mail account. Which is an outright LIE. I think she had MULTIPLE e-mail accounts, and ALL of them ran through her ONE private server (which is NOT the empty one she turned over). I've never been the most “computer savvy” guy in the world, and I personally have TWO e-mail accounts right now, and have had as high as SIX, all at the same time—and all on ONE DEVICE. Her claims that she didn't want to carry “two devices” are silly. She didn't NEED a separate device for each e-mail account. She may be “computer stupid” enough to believe that, but I'm sure there are people around her who are NOT.

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