Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump HUrt Hillary's Feelings

That's jist orful! It's really important to a Republican what Hillary thinks of you (not!) Who cares if Hillary gets her little feelings hurt. Frankly, I go out of my way to hurt her feelings (and that of ALL liberals) every day. So who cares if Trump hurts her feelings a little bit. She needs to have her feelings hurt a lot more. Besides; he hurts a lot of people's feelings. Mostly those who attack him, whom he hits with an atom bomb.

DISRESPECTING WOMEN”: Donald Trump has been accused of “disrespecting women” by the “intelligentsia.” Because he came back at a pretty Fox anchor when she disrespected HIM at the debates. Seems to me to be a bit “one-sided.” People can disrespect TRUMP all they want, but when he comes back at them, he's a “bully.” All the news media has been “disrespecting: Trump ever since he announced his run for president. Isn't he allowed to defend himself? I like Megyn, but she DID come at him pretty hard, just as if she were one of his opponents. She earned whatever Trump said. She's a news anchor. She ought to be able to “take the arrows” she earns by her criticism. Being a woman doesn't give her special privileges, to me. Anybody remember the general laughter when she farted on the air? That's just as much disrespection, isn't it? Another thing; what about when that other candidate called Trump an a—hole? And nobody said a word. Sounds like uneven outrage to me.

CELEBRATION OF A THUG'S DEATH: People in Ferguson (the usual suspects) demonstrated to “remember Mike Brown” the other day. What the HELL for? Brown was nothing but a huge thug who used his size to intimidate people his entire (short) life, and that life is best forgotten by honest people. He was a petty thief who just TOOK what he wanted and intimidated anybody who objected—until he ran into a cop who wouldn't be intimidated, and who shot him when he tried to take his gun and shoot him with it. There may even be a murder in his background, too. The way he operated, that could easily be true. But certain elements in Ferguson “celebrate” this petty crook. Shows how easy it is to “raise a mob” when so many people are unemployed (93 million plus). They have nothing better to do.

DUE DILIGENCE: This story is a strange one, and it an excellent example of the INCOMPETENCE of government bureaucrats. They wanted to fire Geoffery Tolliver after he didn't show up for work for a long time. So they held a meeting to make it official, and Tolliver didn't even bother to show up. Which meant to them, in their ignorance, that Tolliver just didn't care. They were right. Tolliver was beyond caring. He was dead. He died of cancer. A little detail they could have found out by a simple visit (or even a phone call) to his family if they had bothered. Real people do EVERYTHING they can to resolve such a “problem.” Bureaucrats merely sit on their fat butts and shuffle papers and consequently know nothing.

LIBERAL MEDIA PRAISES FOX: Well, that's certainly something new: the liberal media is now praising Fox News. Why? Because Fox has now joined their efforts to destroy Donald Trump for “hurting the girl,” after he referred to “blood coming out her whatever” when she asked him an unfair question as “moderator” in the first Republican debate. Never mind one of the (male) candidates called Trump an “a—hole” before, without a soul saying anything. Frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing about this.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? The question now being raised is, “is the 'holy day' Saturday or Sunday?” And are those worshiping on Sunday (or Saturday) wrong? Who cares? As long as they worship THEIR God? Yeah, I know, one religion claims the other is wrong. But in each religion, the day they worship IS right—for them. What DAY they do their worshiping on is immaterial. They SHOULD be worshiping EVERY DAY, according to the Bible (or whatever IS their “bible.”) People place way too much importance on DETAILS like this and forget what's REAL in their religion. And don't write me and tell me about your religion. I have my own ideas, and you aren't going to change them.

QUIBBLING OVER TRIVIALITIES: Red state “disinvited” Donald Trump from their recent conclave over his remarks about Megyn Kelly. This is the typical quibbling over trivialities that permeates political campaigns. Trump says the guy who runs Red State is unimportant, and this action is just that. He's playing right into the hands of Democrats, who are so frightened of Trump, they'll do ANYTHING, say anything to put him in a bad light.

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