Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blatant Scam!

Planned Parenthood says they need $500 MILLION dollars to PREVENT abortions! Really? How cocky ARE they? It doesn't cost a lot of money to just STOP KILLING BABIES! How STUPID are these people? Do they really think we'll buy into this scam and give them even MORE money? How stupid do they think we are? And maybe they're right. We (not me) ARE more upset by the killing of a popular lion in Africa than the killing of millions of babies. And we DID (not me) elect Barack Obama president—TWICE That, alone, shows stupidity beyond belief. Obama thinks killing albinos and selling their organs in Africa is "crazy" and "cruel" but has NO OPINION about American BABIES being murdered for their organs.

MOSBY FIGHTING LOSING BATTLE: Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore State's Attorney, obviously has something against the Baltimore police Department—maybe for disciplining her relatives for their crimes. She “rushed to judgment” and had those six officers indicted for manslaughter when she already KNEW, from talks with the medical examiner, that they were innocent. She has hidden exculpatory evidence, attempted to SILENCE the coroner, hidden witness statements, etc. She has doing everything in her power to “shut down” the defense, and is now coming up against the facts coming out, which will mean her END.

CEO IN TROUBLE: CEO Dan Rice was a “progressive hero” when he announced that ALL his employees would now “earn” $70,000.00 a year, regardless of their talents or abilities, or lack thereof. It's a liberal FABLE that all an employer need do is raise his employees' pay and everything would be okay. Everybody would be “happy ever after.” But not so fast! Dan is now in “big trouble.” having to rent out his own house to cover his own bills because he has been giving all his profits to his employees. His own brother, and co-founder, has filed suit against him over it, and, due to the raises, he hasn't money to fight the suit. It only took 3 months for reality to set in. Shades of “Atlas Shrugged!” Soon, all of his employees will be unemployed.

THE MOST MONEY: Pundit Matt Vespa says, “Jeb Bush is packed with the most money.” He didn't mention, of course, that TRUMP has the most money. More, in fact, than ALL the Republican candidates, put together. And maybe the Democrat candidates, as well. It's nice when you can ignore selected facts to say what you want to say, true or not. And Vespa is a (nominal) conservative writer, too.

IT ONLY COSTS $240.00! To go to Venezuela requires a travel visa—which only costs $240.00. I guess that's the way the American government is “cashing in” on the people who will go there next year. I wonder which bureaucrat set that price on a piece of paper? And will that bureaucrat manage to have any part of that money siphon into his/her own pocket? It amazes me how much money the government charges to issue a piece of paper to citizens to allow them to do something. I understand it costs THOUSANDS to file to run for president. That's a crime!

MATT VESPA, AGAIN: This guy is really smart! He says, “Hillary isn't really broke.” What was yer first clue, Matt? Was it her several million dollar mansions in expensive parts of town? Her several thousand dollar haircuts? Or maybe the half-MILLION dollar speech fees she uses to fool the government into thinking they aren't bribes for special treatment when (IF) she becomes president? (Of course, they all use the same scam for their bribes.) Or the fact that she has never been behind the wheel of her own car? Where does she get the bucks to pay that driver if she's broke? Oh. I forgot. She is still getting Secret Service “protection,” and uses them as drivers and other servants.

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