Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ayatolla Tweets Insults

I didn't know Islamic terrorists (which he clearly is) knew what Twitter IS! They didn't have Twitter in the fifteenth century, did they? The Ayatolla, like most Islamic terrorists, LIVES in the fifteenth century—at least, in his own mind. He doesn't have any idea of what the First Amendment to the American Constitution is, and how powerful it is. That's just beyond his understanding, as he goes about trying to SILENCE his critics in America as he does in Iran. Meanwhile, Obama keeps saying his “agreement with Iran is a “good thing,” hoping he can convince less than intelligent Americans it is.

THINKS IT'D BE FUNNY: This anti-gun FOOL says “It would be funny if pro-gun people would all get shot to death.” What would be funny is if somebody tried, THEY'D likely be the ones shot to death, because the pro-gun people would most likely be armed and not defenseless, like this fool wants us to be. To one of his critics, he says, “I hope you die, in the most painful way possible.” Actually, that would be a good end for HIM. Anybody this vehement in his opposition to guns really ought to have his own gun, to keep the people he angers away from him.

STUPID ASSED POLITICIANS: What kind of stupid-assed politicians have we (not me) elected? Do they really believe they can change what IS by saying it “ISN'T?” Nancy (Stupid) Peelosi says the Planned Parenthood scandal doesn't exist, when people with INTELLIGENCE know it DOES. Then that hole in the White House comes out and says the IRS scandal doesn't exist. Next, Hillary will say four people didn't get murdered in Benghazi on her watch, that it's just part of the “right-wing conspiracy.” Obama says “The world supports my deal in Iraq," and EVERYBODY (but him) knows that's a LIE. We're being ruled by FOOLS! With their heads up their rear ends!

ATHEISTS MAD ABOUT GOD: Or more properly, they're mad about the MENTION of God on a BUMPER STICKER, fergawdsakes! Should Christians be offended by an atheist's mention of NO God? What the HELL gives atheists the RIGHT to be “offended” by the mere MENTION of God? How STUPID are they? Damn, there are some supremely stupid people in this world! And they open their mouths and prove it every chance they get!

HE'D WIN THIRD TERM? Obama (the fool) thinks he'd win a third term if he could run. And he's probably right. There are enough stupid people in this country to do it. They elected FDR, (And I was there. I saw it). who was just about as bad, to three—or was it FOUR terms, didn't they? And they never learn their lesson. No matter how much he screws this country up, they'll still vote for him if the media (and his handlers) decree it. It is those people, who never “pay attention to politics,” thus know NOTHING about the candidates, and still vote, that get it done. No wonder we're so screwed up. The Founders should have attached a requirement for TESTING of voters, to make sure they knew SOMETHING about the candidates and issues.

BEGINNING CAMPAIGN: You're witnessing the beginning of Obama's campaign to get the Constitution changed so he can run again. He stated in a recent speech that, if the Constitution would let him, he could run again, and WIN. Of course, but for uninformed voters who pay no attention to politics, that would be a false narrative. But look for him to whine about that prohibition “keeping a winner from running” often enough to get his contention seriously considered by Congress. Don't believe it? Just watch.

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