Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wrong Definituion

Some idiot on “One Political Plaza” says “conservatives are dangerous” and cites a “dictionary definition” of conservatives that's WRONG. Their definition is, “Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.” First, they don't favor “traditional values.” They merely want less governmental interference in their lives, lower taxes. And simply to be able to make their own decisions. As to “opposing change,” that's wrong, too, and comes directly from the phony liberal definition of conservatism, which is insulting. But then, neither of us cares about insulting the other.

BETTER UNDER DEMOCRATS? Another fool on “One Political Plaza” says that America prospers better under Democrat administrations, and shows a chart that SEEMS to back that up. Even if that chart were true, maybe Republicans were having a lot of trouble overcoming the INCOMPETENCE of the previous Democrat administration. But, having lived through just about all these periods, I KNOW this chart is NOT true. It's apparently a typical; example of political manipulation of figures to make a phony point. Mostly by Democrats. Another thing that tells me this chart is phony is that it shows Obama improving the economic picture. I personally KNOW Obama has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy after spending more money than we have, or even that there IS.. There is NO WAY he has improved the economic picture in ANY way. That's a myth.

TRUMP FOR JURY DUTY: What an exercise in futility THAT was. If I were an attorney, for either side, I'd reject him for “cause.” “Cause” he's Donald Trump. During any trial, regardless of the subject of the trial, every eye would be on Trump. He would be such a distraction we'd never get anything done in the trial. Further, his very PRESENCE would constitute a reason for a mistrial and retrial of the case. When it was announced that he was called, and he said he'd appear, because he was “jes' folks,” and would show up, I'd have BET he would never get a jury assignment. They';d figure out a reason—ANY reason, to reject him—and they did.

REPUBLICANS GOT A PROBLEM: The “elites”--the “king makers,” who decide who we get to vote for, HATE him. They're AFRAID of him because they know they can't control him. Because he has no need of the money the Republican Party can give him—he could buy and sell ALL of them. So they figure they have to “get rid of him” before the convention, so there will be NO CHANCE of his being nominated by acclimation. That's because the “rank and file” Republicans LOVE him. Which gives them a BIG problem. If they DO manage to exclude him from the nomination, he is probably the ONLY candidate who could blow BOTH parties out of the water in the general election AS an independent, and that would cause the GOP to go the way of the Whigs, into political history.

HILLARY'S DONE: Unless Obama pardons her, as Ford did Nixon. That may well happen. Obama doesn't give a “tinker's damn” about what the American people think, so he probably will, when it gets to the point where it looks like she might be convicted of a felony and sent to prison. She might escape the LEGAL consequences of her crimes, but she will not escape the POLITICAL consequences. If it becomes necessary for him to pardon her, she can say “bye, bye” to any chance of ever becoming president, now, or in the future.

CAN'T TALK ABOUT GOD? I don't know who is saying that, but that's a LOAD of stinky brown stuff like that horses leave behind when they march in parades. Nobody—but NOBODY gets to tell me what I can, or can't talk about! Those who try risk a broken nose. Don't ever try it if you are in fist range of me—any time. You'll go home on a stretcher after your visit to the hospital.

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