Friday, August 14, 2015

Is Hillary Bound To Win?

That's what the Daily Caller thinks, anyway—at least enough to say so in order to raise more money to use to defeat her. They say “The Fix Is In.” At least, as far as the Democrats are concerned. The “king-makers” have spoken. She WILL be president in 2016 if we don't do something. I think that something is Donald Trump. The only guy who could defeat her as an independent, and by so doing, make the Republicans go the way of the Whigs. The “king makers of the Republican Party have spoken, but I think Trump has a much louder voice than they do. And the money to bring it off—without their help. He can buy and sell them.

HOLMES GETS LIFE: James Holmes, killer of 12 people in that Aurora, CO theater, will get guaranteed room and board, not to mention probably better medical care than we honest non-murderers will get, for the rest of his life. Equal punishment under the law should allow us (if possible) to kill him 12 times by shooting him in the gut and allowing him to die in pain after a long time as he did his victims. But the “people of Colorado” decided we couldn't even kill him once. We could only support him for the rest of his life and wait for him to die.

OUR POLITICIANS INCOMPETENT: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: our politicians—the people RUNNING this Country—are INCOMPETENT. And every day, in every way, they confirm it. The only thing they're good at is conning themselves into office. They confirmed it when they announced (in their “wisdom”) that the reason why Islamic terrorists want to kill us is the lack of jobs in “La-La Land.” Now they want to send Islamic terrorists to COUNSELING to change their tiny minds about killing us. Anybody with ANY degree of INTELLIGENCE knows the ONLY reason they want to kill us is their “bible” (The Koran) commands them to kill ALL “unbelievers.” They've SAID so, many times. That's INGRAINED into their psyche. But the fools running things in DC are still hunting for the “reason." That's PURE incompetence. And they're too damned dumb to notice.

ILLUSTRATION OF STUPIDITY: In Virginia, somebody called 9/11 on a guy who was doing nothing except walking down the street carrying a Confederate flag. What unmitigated STUPIDITY! Yes, there are a lot of fools who regard just carrying this flag to be a major crime, but to actually call the COPS on this guy is the heights of stupidity. Personally, I think zeroing in on this flag instead of the REAL issues isn't too smart in the first place. Further, I think people who revere the NAZI flag aren't too bright, either. But carrying either down the street does not rise to the level of an arrestable crime. And to call the cops on this man is typical liberal stupidity.

IT DOESN'T HAPPEN”: Obama says requiring photo ID in order to vote is silly and unnecessary. "Voting in somebody else's name doesn't happen.” How naive that is! If he really BELIEVES it, that is. I don't think for a MINUTE he believes that. He just wants US to believe it so he can go on sending his people out to vote several times for him. His people not only vote in somebody else's name, they steal names from the dead for their votes. That's a regular thing where (in the U. S., anyway) he's from. At least, where the rock he crawled out from under is.

GETTING RID OF WMDS: Obama CLAIMS to have “eliminated” the WMDs in Syria. You know, the ones Saddam sent there so we wouldn't find any in his country so liberals could call Bush a liar about them as a reason to invade Iraq. He said he did it in a “transparent and verifiable manner.” HAW, HAW! HEE, HEE! I needed a good laugh! Like most of what Obama says, this is also a LIE. He didn't get rid of ANYTHING. They're just in hiding, and Obama isn't looking very hard to find them.

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