Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why Vote For Biden?

The Democrats are in big trouble if they're putting up Joe Biden as the “non-Hillary choice.” If they have nobody better than that, they're LOST. The thing Biden is best known fort is his gaffes. I Doubt if, in the long run, he could win an election for dog catcher now that we know him. I know, he won a Senate seat in the past, and he DID win the vice-presidency on Obama's coat-tails. But the more we get to know him, the less we want his “shaky hand” on the nuclear trigger OR the policy switch. If he's the best they've got, it'll take a lot of stupidity for the Republicans to lose.

ONLY IN BALTIMORE: Fox 5 reporter Emily Miller was told by the Baltimore Police Chief that the reason for the extremely high murder rate since their “war on the cops” started is “high capacity magazines.” I don't know where they find these FOOLS to put in high-ranking positions in Baltimore, but they can't be LESS intelligent than this. I'd mention that most of those fools in various high offices there are women, but then they'd fall back on the “sexist” scam. It makes you wonder. But I have to ask, “What's she SMOKING?” If I were a druggie, I'd want some. It's because of the “war on cops,” stupid! Is it something in the AIR in the North East?

THE “CORPSE FLOWER”: This is the second day Denver Channel 9 has had a reporter concentrate ALL her time on the blooming of the stinking “corpse flower” to the complete exclusion of all other news. And she's still there, interviewing people who have lined up around the block to see it and SMELL it. It's named “corpse flower” because that's what it's supposed to smell like (ick!). Why people WANT to smell it is beyond me. But then, I'm an INTELLIGENT person. Now they're talking about “micro breweries in Indianapolis.” Boy! Channel 9 is really on top of the news! (sic)

SHOULD WE JAIL HILLARY?” Trump says they should, and he's right. Even if you hate him (and most Democrats, and some elite Republicans do), he's STILL right. But will they? Doubtful. They're already treating her “with kid gloves” by the way they TOOK her server (IF they really got more than an empty box that never contained any of her e-mails). If it were ME, they'd have raided me with guns drawn, handcuffed me, and take ALL my computer equipment, and I'd never get it back. That's even if they CAN'T charge me with anything. But with her, they go to her, with hat in hand, and say, “Please, Hillary, ma'am, would you give us your server, pretty please, huh?” As long as Obama or somebody like him is in power, there'll be no “charges.”

DID SHE WIPE IT? Hillary “shrugs off” the question, asked by a Fox reporter with a joke about “wiping her server off with a rag"—as if she didn't know what he was asking. To me, that's a “YES” answer, just as clearly as if she had SAID “yes.” The very fact she wouldn't answer tells me she doesn't want to register a “yes” answer or a lying “no.” So I guess they'll have to find some scam to avoid actually charging her with a crime. She's a DEMOCRAT, after all.

DISRESPECTING” HILLARY: Some liberals (Democrats) are saying that Fox News reporter “disrespected” Hillary when he asked her if she “wiped” her e-mail server. Of course, that's common Democrat scam in action. Instead of answering the question, attack the questioner. Nobody is “disrespecting” ANYBODY by asking a question she rightly should have answered long ago, but didn't. It's the media's RESPONSIBILITY to ask such questions, and get ANSWERS. And it's Hillary's responsibility to ANSWER the questions, not make jokes about it while avoiding the questions.

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