Friday, July 31, 2015

Obama Is Stupid As Peelosi

He says the IRS scandal never existed. Funny; he thinks he can make it “go away” buy saying so. He can't. The investigation into that scandal WILL continue, no matter how many roadblocks he throws in their way. Damn, I hate having an “organized crime” member as president. He thinks he can get away with ANYTHING, just by saying the “scandal doesn't exist.” And Nancy is following his lead with her own stupid cracks. How incompetent ARE these fools?

OBAMA “FIFTH BEST PRESIDENT”: What have these people been SMOKING? It must be a bunch of liberal fools voting at Texas A&M. Only liberal idiots would think Obama is anywhere NEAR being one of the best presidents in history. In reality (which is something liberals can't understand), he is not one of the WORST presidents, he is ALL ALONE as THE worst president of all time, knocking Jimmy Carter off that (low-slung) pinnacle. This is yet another example of liberals thinking they can make something so by SAYING it.

AYATOLLA'S CHEAP SHOT: He Tweeted a picture of Obama with a shadow of a gun pointed at his head. Yet Obama still thinks he can “reason” with this fool. This picture is a threat he will never, EVER be able to carry out, but he'd too STUPID to realize it. If he tries, we'll make a parking lot out of his country before he can wipe his nose. Or any other part of his ignorant body. He just doesn't know he's up against the biggest (still), finest, fighting machine on the planet. The only wars we've lost were lost by stupid politicians sticking their noses in where they don't belong.

JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON: Hillary Clinton has “jumped on the global warming bandwagon.” I guess it's a requirement to declare your stupidity for Democrats to run for president, or ANY office. The “globe” has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years, now. That fact led to AlGore's having to change the name of his swindle to a more “neutral” name like, “climate change,” so he could attribute (falsely) just about ANYTHING to his swindle. I expect him to start demanding a “fart tax” for HUMANS soon. There's already one for cows, claiming they put too much methane into the air. I once sarcastically said a “fart tax” was a possibility, and he must have heard me and made it so.

WHY VISIT KENYA? Just what can Kenya do for us that's worth spending a BILLION dollars for air fare and security to go there? This is a typical example of the Obamas taking useless trips and spending money we don't have on unimportant things. Like Michelle's trips, where she pays for entire floors of hotels and spends money like it was hers. She's going to go through “Travel withdrawal” after January, 2016, when that money is no longer available. And, of course, he introduces one of his own useless ideas (gay marriage and gay “rights”) into his discussions with Kenya's president. Their president's response is priceless: “Gay rights aren't important, here.” They aren't important here, either, except to gays. We have many more important concerns.

SILENCING IRAN CRITICS: Well, wants to SILENCE critics of the Iran deal. I got news for them—we WON'T be silenced. This government is BOUND by the Constitution of the United States of America, which recognizes, and GUARANTEES us the right to say what we damn well please, without government action against us. Any taken would be ILLEGAL. I know that's a hard concept to recognize for people used to living under Sharia Law in a dictatorship, but that's how it is. Sorry, al-Jazeera. Nasty break!

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