Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Obama Supports Demonstrators

Surprise, surprise! Obama has sent out a statement that the liberal media will crow over, saying he "supports the anti-Trump demonstrators!" Who the hell do you think is BEHIND the Demonstrators? The Democrat Party, funded by George Soros, who constantly does everything he can to disrupt things in this country while making millions, maybe BILLIONS doing it. He can't last much longer, but he's already taken care of that, naming people to carry on his "work."

FIRING THE AG: It's about time a president fired an "entrenched bureaucrat" for not doing their job. The acting Attorney General announced that they would not be enforcing Trump's executive order, thus telling the world she will not do her job. Under Obama, she could get away with that. But Trump is something new, that bureaucrats just don't understand, but they soon will, after more of them lose their jobs for refusing to obey orders. Bureaucrats have made rules that make it almost impossible to fire them....almost. But they don't consider a president like Trump.

MAKING TRUMP LOOK BAD: It's an industry. There are many groups willing to PRETEND they're Trump partisans, doing things like running military-looking trucks through a place like Louisville, KY, with a large Trump flag flying from it. But that does not, in any way, mean Trump, or real Trump partisans had anything to do with it. It was done specifically so anti-Trump activists could make a Nazi reference. Doing things like this is but one popular way to make Trump look bad.

ENDING CHICAGO GUN CRIME: Rahm Emanuel doesn't know how to do it, but I do. Let the cops know they can "stop and frisk" bad guys without having liberals look over their shoulders looking to "jam them up," and ENFORCE the current laws giving criminals longer sentences for using a gun to commit a crime, and stop waiving those charges to get convictions in other crimes--which is just lazy police work. That'll do it.

GUN GRABBERS HORRIFIED! They hate the very thought of school teachers being allowed to bring their guns to school. As if that has been a problem in the past. They favor, instead, allowing only uniformed, armed security guards being allowed to carry guns, instead. This is foolish, because, as has been proven time and again, potential shooters can "take him out" from ambush, before the serious shooting begins, because he is easily identified and isolated.

BSA BUCKLES: The Boy Scouts of America has buckled under the pressure from liberal fools who want them to admit "transgendered" girls" who think they're boys to the Scouts. They can look for increased instances of sex between scouts as a result of this. Kids who think this way will more than likely be amenable to sex, even at that age. Especially at that age. I look for girl scouts to do the same, also leading to child sex.

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