Sunday, January 29, 2017

De Facto Gun Ban

Kate Brown, Democrat (of course) governor of Oregon, is working HARD to make laws that can be used as "loopholes" to deny gun rights. One example is the requirement that applications must be okayed by the State Police. If the State Police fail to approve it quickly, or there is a breakdown between the issuing agency and the State Police in transferring the paperwork, the application can be delayed FOREVER, and the applicant may have been KILLED by someone with an ILLEGAL gun in the meantime.

BLAMING THE VICTIM: Washington State (which is right next door to Oregon) wants to make a law punishing gun owners who fail to store their guns "safely" if they are subsequently used by a child (or an adult) carelessly to injure, or kill someone. The NRA teaches courses in that, but anti-gun fools HATE everything the NRA does, so they ignore that, and will duplicate their efforts by starting their own. This effectively blames the victim for someone else's actions.

WE'RE TOO DUMB: That's what the New York Times thinks, anyway. They say the reason why we don't buy the horse manure of global warming is that we're "just too dumb to understand the numbers." Actually, we're too INTELLIGENT than to accept the PHONY numbers put out to support it. Global warming, and it's successor, "climate change," has been debunked so many times, in so many ways, intelligent people will NEVER believe in it. In any case, even if everything it claims were true, a ONE DEGREE rise in temperature over 100 years isn't something that frightens me, in any way.

IRAN BANS AMERICANS: Iran has started banning US citizens from entering their country in retaliation for Trump's ban. Big whoop! Who wants to go to Iran, anyway? If you go there, you're taking a chance on being taken hostage (by the government, for cryin' out loud!), held for ransom, and being kept prisoner for years, maybe being killed. Iran thinks what they're doing is a big deal. But who the hell CARES? Get OVER yourself, Iran.

PURPOSELY OVERDOING IT: I'm sure Trump didn't mean to include people who already live here, that were VISITING those 7 countries, and are well established here in his order about stopping immigration from there. Especially not those who worked FOR us in those countries. That is NOT "immigration," and even those being sent here from Islamic terrorist strongholds because they helped us. I think this whole problem is being CREATED by "holdover Obama bureaucrats" to make trouble for Trump, and they should be immediately fired, or transferred to garbage collection, or to the morgue in charge of identifying dismembered corpses.

SOCIAL SECURITY GUN GRAB: Under Obama, "rules" were changed to allow the government to deny Second Amendment rights to Social Security recipients who decided to allow somebody other than themselves to handle their finances, for ANY reason, claiming doing so showed them unfit to have guns. Congress, under Republican control now, has decided to reverse that, and it will not longer be a factor. But I wonder if those who have ALREADY been disallowed guns under that "rule" will be given their guns back?.

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