Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mass Stupidity

The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) has "determined" that MOST of the mass shootings have occurred OUTSIDE the United states, by upping the definition of mass shootings to cases where 15 people are killed, instead of the 5 used here. Thay also concentrate on "war-torn" areas like NIgeria, where potfits like Boko Haram killed 300 in one day, and a like amount the very next. The way we're importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands, disguised as "refugees," our time is coming.

END GUN-FREE ZONES: Trump has promised to END gun-free zones in schools, and the anti-gun fools are having a STROKE. As if gun-free zones ever stopped ONE mass shooting. In fact, ALL mass shootings have happened IN gun-free zones because potential mass shooters SEARCH OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work. The anti-gun fools just refuse to understand that, and continue to make them while people DIE in them.

DEMS TRYING EVERYTHING: They are boycotting meetings intended to decide on Trump's nominations because if there are no Democrats present, they can't even take a vote on whether or not to report it out of their committee. This is the kind of chicanery they usually use to delay everything Republicans do when Democrats are not in power--and what they decry if Republicans do the same when Democrats are in power. Republicans have now changed the rules to allow a vote without the Democrats who boycotted the meetings.

FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION: Democrats HATE Judge Neil Gorshush because he is a "strict constitutionalist" who believes in following the Constitution in making his rulings. Funny: isn't that what they're SUPPOSED to do? Democrats have nominated far too many Justices who rule on their own OPINION as to what the law should be, not the Constitution. Doing so should be grounds for removal--but they aren't.

CLARKE RUNNING FOR SENATE: I've always thought Sheriff Clark, the "black John Wayne," was wasted in Milwaukee, where he has won election FOUR TIMES in the face of stiff liberal opposition. He thinks the liberal Milwaukee police chief is a LIAR, and isn't afraid to say it. He sounds like a black Donald Trump, too. The only reservation I have abut his candidacy for the Senate is the hole his winning that seat will leave in Milwaukee law enforcement, But one would hope he has that covered. Maybe he could even become the second black president, one day.

PEELOSI KNOCKS GORSUCH: She went on TV and said he was just about the WORST choice that could be made for the Supreme court. And where did she do this? CNN, of course! She doesn't have the GUTS to go on Fox, or any other source that doesn't spout the liberal line. she knows they will ask questions she is afraid to answer. So she stays away.

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