Sunday, January 22, 2017

NY Times Lies Again

The NY Times reported that the Martin Luther King bust had been removed from the Oval Office, which was absolutely untrue. When called on the lie, NYT said "a Secret Service agent must have been standing in front of it." Which reveals just how deep their fact-checking goes before reporting something like that. They knew that would make Trump look bad, and that's what they want to do, so they ran with it until found out. Then they made a lame excuse. Of course, that allowed them to ignore the fact that the Churchill bust (which Obama had removed) had been RETURNED to the Oval Office.

PROTESTING BANNING MURDER: One of the things the "Women's March" is "demonstrating" against is the reversal of Roe v. Wade, which made "legal" the MURDER of defenseless infants IN THE WOMB, before that infant even had a CHANCE at life, and only for the CONVENIENCE or its parents, who don't want to take the responsibility of raising the result of their unprotected sex. They'd rather KILL their child than be responsible.

MILLIONS WATCH OBAMA LEAVE: Millions of people crowded DC on inauguration day. The government thought they were there to see Trump, but that was not all of it. Most of them just wanted to see Obama leave DC. They wanted to be sure he's gone. I couldn't go to DC to watch him go, but, not like usual, I was glued to my TV so I could at least get a glimpse of him "flying off onto history," never to screw with America in any meaningful way.

"SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT": The former CIA Director told us he was "tired of Trump's constant self-aggrandizement." And he's right. Trump does like to talk a lot about what he is going to do, and HAS done. But where was that "sickening" when Obama did it? When Obama told us how great he was (all false), the media and all the liberals "ate it up." The difference with Trump is, it's all true! Is it really bragging when it's true? It's really funny when they give Trump grief for the very same things THEY are guilty of.

GUN SALES TO GO UP: I'm not talking about LEGAL gun sales, which are fueled by a fear of possible coming increases in already tight anti-gun laws. I'm talking about the ILLEGAL gun sales and THEFTS fueled by Obama's releasing of hundreds and hundreds of criminals and Islamic terrorists, so they can victimize more and more people. Obama recognizes "kindred spirits" in prison, which is why this crook and con man who conned his way into the White House released them, while he still could, and to make it harder in Trump, who will be dutifully blamed when crime goes up on "his watch."

"TOO MANY BILLIONAIRES": Liberals are complaining about Trump appointing so many billionaires to his Cabinet, as if that's something only Trump did. Forgotten are the many millionaires and billionaires on previous liberal Cabinets. Of course, that's something liberals ignore when a Republican gets in office. so, as usual, they criticize Trump for doing the very things THEY do. Democrats are so transparent, it's funny. But those who don't "pay attention to politics" never notice--and they vote. Which, outside of their election fraud, is why Democrats win so many elections.

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