Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who Gives A Damn?

I keep hearing Democrats tell us they "don't consider Trump a legitimate president," as if that meant something. It doesn't. Who the hell cares what a bunch of liberal Democrats think? They lost the election for president, and lost many other elections all over the country. Their power is no more. They ought to just shut up. But they won't. They aren't smart enough to know how to "back off and wait," hoping their time will come. But it won't. I think the Democrats will go the way of the Whigs this time, and "ride off into the sunset."

"LEGITIMATE CONGRESSMAN? Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat, of course, says Trump is not a "legitimate president." Which is typical "sour grapes" from Democrats, who still haven't realized that THEY lost the election on their own hook. They think it is their DESTINY to "rule America," and nobody else has the right to get in their way. As Trump says, Lewis ought to go back home and do something about the "hard times" that are being suffered by his own constituents. If anybody is "illegitimate," it is Lewis.

WHAT "CHARGES?" Failed comedienne Rosie O'Donnell is seeking media attention (and she's getting it) by saying we ought to declare "martial law" and keep Trump from being inaugurated until "all the charges against him are taken care of." WHAT "charges?" There ARE no "charges" outstanding against him, only business disagreements, which no business the size of his can operate without. Rosie is just using this to get a job. She obviously doesn't understand how martial law works. These stupid Democrats are getting on my nerves with their ignorance.

SICK OF LEWIS: I don't know what it is about Rep. John Lewis, but Fox has been running his ugly face every ten minutes, where he repeats his "sour grapes" about Trump "not being a legitimate president," again and again. What's so special about Lewis? ALL Democrats are saying essentially the same thing. It's the equivalent of lying on the floor, kicking their feet, and bawling because they didn't get their way. I wish they'd get rid of him. I'm tired of LOOKING at him.

YOUNGEST SELMA MARCHER: Told a story, on Fox, of her experiences being BEATEN by Democrats (for that's who was "in charge" at Selma), and waking up to being on a stretcher being put in a hearse (they didn't have ambulances for black folks then). Now Black Lives Matter fools want the same thing for white people in the future, and, as usual, it's being promoted by Democrats. Everything racial is being promoted by Democrats, and always has been. The KKK were Democrat "shock troops."

TWICE CHICAGO DEATH RATE: No, not in total numbers, but in deaths per 100,000 population. Chicago's is 28, Baltimore's is 51. More than DOUBLE. And the spike started after that overly-officious prosecutor wrongly charged six cops in the death of Freddy Gray after he accidentally killed HIMSELF in an effort to incriminate the cops. He was just out of back surgery and he couldn't take much banging of his head against the wall. Wiser heads prevailed, and those cops were freed. But the damage had been done.

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