Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lowest of the Low

Talk about "yellow journalism! A German newspaper says somebody ought to MURDER Donald Trump to get him out of office. That's about as low as whale dung, and that's on the bottom of the ocean! There are even people here saying the same thing. Has-been former rock star Madonna even told a crowd she "dreamed of blowing up the White House." I'm not sure what's fueling these damned fool excesses, but they're only showing what FOOLS they are.

NEEDS DEPORTATION: He's an illegal alien. He's afraid Trump is going to deport him. So he bit off his room mate's ear and threatened to go on a shooting spree and "kill a lot of people." This is the kind of illegal alien that NEEDS to be deported before he can carry out his threat. That's after serving a prison sentence for "terrorist threats." The item I read did not reveal his name, though it did name his room mate. But they should. And this is the type of man Trump should TARGET for deportation.

"IT ISN'T THAT MUCH": Marie Harf, one of Obama's chief mouthpieces, said the other day, about Obama giving $221 million to Islamic terrorists, "Don't worry. It isn't that much." Well, Marie, it might not be to you, but it is to US! You arrogant bi,,,,er. witch! Like most liberals, they throw around our money with abandon, then tell us it "isn't all that much." In one way she's right. He could have given them $500 million like he did the UN. People like her get used to throwing around a lot of your money. So it takes billions of dollars to represent "a lot of money" in their minds.

IT'S BECOMING A CRIME: Today, "hurting someone's feelings" has become a crime. Not by statute, but by "shunning." And soon, if liberal "snowflakes" have their way, it will BECOME a crime by statute, as will disagreeing about global warming and talking about it. The "snowflakes" will decide what CONSTITUTES "hurting one's feelings. It will be a SUBJECTIVE LAW, that can be DEFINED by the accuser OR the enforcer, at their whim.

IT'S A RAPE CULTURE: We don't want to keep ALL Muslims out, just the ones who have promised to kill all of us who won't "convert" to their "religion." And Islam condones not only the rape of adult women, but of CHILDREN, boys and girls. Old Muslim men "marry" little girls as young as SIX! Wherever Muslim "refugees" are accepted, rape figures skyrocket. They "patrol" the streets, looking for potential rape victims, male, female, adults or CHILDREN.

PEELOSI'S BIGGEST LIE: Peelosi has lied so much it's hard to judge what is her BIGGEST lie. But this one is right up there! She says Obamacare was "bipartisan legislation." The truth of the matter is, not a SINGLE Republican voted for Obamacare. How can that POSSIBLY be called "bipartisan legislation?" Only if you're demented. Remember, she's the one who infamously said of the Obamacare legislation, "We have to pass the law to find out what's in it." Since when do we have to pass things into law to find out what's in them? To do that is MADNESS! By the time it's PASSED, it's way too late!

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