Saturday, January 28, 2017

What About Domestic Abortion?

Trump has signed an executive order to cut off funding outside of the US. But what abut abortion funding INSIDE the US? We need to stop ALL funding for abortion; inside, and outside this country. But, unlike with Obama, I can be sure Trump has plans to fix that little problem, and END the brutal MURDERS of helpless infants, inside, and outside the womb.

IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION! I've said this before, and I'll say it again, as many times as it takes to get through the thick skulls of the lefties (if that's possible). Trump is NOT holding up approvals of emigration for "refugees" because of their religion. He is doing it because most of them are coming here for the expressed purpose of killing as many "unbelievers" as they can. They just HAPPEN to be Muslims, because they are the only ones doing it, and there's NO WAY they can yet be properly vetted. Until that can happen, we're FOOLS if we let them in, especially in large numbers.

THERE'LL BE NO TORTURE: President Trump approves of SOME forms of torture for Islamic terrorists, but will defer to his Secretary of Defense, who is against it. Personally, I don't care if they revive the guillotine for use on the Islamic terrorists. Or find as many sharp swords as they need to pay them back for sawing off people's heads with their rusty, dull knives. Those fools do not deserve to LIVE, much less know they will not be subjected to any kind of "enhanced interrogation." They can still laugh at our feeble attempts to "interrogate" them.

THERE'S A DIFFERENCE: Liberals have been criticizing Trump for issuing a flurry of executive orders after criticizing Obama for HIS executive orders. What they don't mention is that there is a small difference between them. Obama used them to get around the law, while Trump is using them to fuel a RETURN to obeying the law. When going through the Congress is appropriate, that's what he will do. Unlike Obama, who thought his will was supreme, and he could get laws made by a swipe of his pen.

SAVING MONEY: Trump could save us a lot of money of he did away with the practice of having an "entourage" everywhere he goes, and many men waiting for him when he gets there. Those people who follow him around would be much better used to get some work done instead of following him around. The same for those who always seem to be standing around waiting for him to arrive. I know some of them are his security people, but not all. Those NOT of his security should be sent back to their offices to do some work.

WHY'S AMERICA SO RICH? Would you believe someone actually wrote an article on that subject? And somebody advanced the idea that it was because of the government! The only way the government had anything to do with it is to stay out of the way! What's responsible is the FREE MARKET! It is the reason people from all over the world FIGHT to get here to better themselves. This is where they KNOW they can better themselves. It's why we've done better in less than 300 years than countries that have been around for THOUSANDS of years.

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