Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Millions Depend On It!"

That's what Democrats say about Obamacare. That's why they think Trump can't just dispense with it. But the fact is, millions of people were FORCED to depend on it, and most wish it would "go away," because it costs way too much and has insane requirements. They say Trump has NO PLAN to "replace it." Why does he NEED a "plan?" Just let the free market take over--that usually works, and if it doesn't, it can be changed without an act of Congress.

MEN COMPETE AGAINST WOMEN: That's one part of the fallout of allowing men in women's restrooms and changing rooms "if they 'identify' as a woman." They're extending it to sports, too, allowing MEN to compete against women if they "identify" as a woman. Think about it: a MAN, with a man's strength and endurance, competing on an "even playing field," against women! That's what happened in Tucson where the "women's championship" in a prestigious bicycle race was WON by a MAN who "identifies as a woman." He gave up racing against MEN because he just couldn't keep up.

IT'S HAPPENING: We predicted that raising the minimum wage, especially by such a large margin, would COST jobs and force many employers out of business. So they raised the minimum wage anyway, and it's beginning. Many restaurants, who will be the FIRST to suffer, are laying people off, and others re closing, just as we predicted. Will the liberals take note and stop messing with the free market? Not likely. they're not intelligent enough.

ANOTHER LIBERAL CON: Now liberals (Democrats) are putting out the suggestion that Trump is going to cut Medicare. The "same ol' same ol'." At no time has Trump even HINTED that he would cut Medicare, but that's a common "scare tactic" used by the Democrats, and it usually works. At least on those who "pay no attention to politics" and thus have no idea what's really going on. But they can still vote.

"ONLY IF HE SURRENDERS": Democrats aren't talking much like they realize they LOST, and lost, BIG! Chuckie Schumer says, "We'll work with Trump, only if he moves in our direction." Do you really think there is ANY chance of that, Chuckie? Really? Are you THAT stupid? Trump isn't going to move in ANY direction HE doesn't want to move in. He doesn't NEED Democrats, to get his program done. You're IRRELEVANT Chuckie! Get USED to it!

"TWITTER PRESIDENCY?" Democrats are laying heavily on Trump's use of Twitter to go around the liberal media in contacting the American people. That's because it is his most effective tool, and they're frightened! So they hope if they can get him to stop using it, they can reduce his effectiveness. Are they that stupid? Apparently. Actually, he has inspired me to use Twitter more often. Now I keep it open on my computer so I can go there instantly if I get an idea I want to share.

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