Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No Longer the Secretary

Too many politicians, and media people, refer to Hillary as "Secretary Clinton." That should stop. she is no longer the Secretary of State. They could just as well refer to her still as "The First Lady," even though she hasn't been that for many years. Referring to her as "Secretary Clinton" confers upon her a respect the does not deserve. Yes, we do refer to a former president as "Mr. President." That's improper too, though it's common routine to do so.

I COULDN'T DO IT: There's a contretemps about a picture that was put up in a government building depicting a cop as a pig. They say taking it down is "violating the artist's freedom of speech." That's a lot of horse manure. I'm an artist, and they wouldn't let me put up one of my pieces there, unless they gave me permission. They couldn't punish me for the content, but could punish me for trespassing. But then, my work doesn't insult anybody or libel them.

"I KNOW! IT'S VETERANS!" The anti-gun fools have thrown something else up against the wall, hoping it will stick, seizing on the fact that the mass shooter at the Ft. Lauderdale airport was a veteran. They constantly admonish us not to blame a lot of people for the actions of a few--then they blame all veterans on the actions of ONE man. The Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter. No, they never did a "timeline" to figure out just how many mass shooters were veterans--they just say it, and hope we'll believe it. That's their standard modus operandi.

GUN CRIME A VIRUS: And the anti-gun fools think they have the cure. They've always thought they had the cure, as they "flail about," making law after law that does NOTHING to "stem gun violence" and instead, INCREASES it by disarming law-abiding people. This makes those people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there, and they just can't see that. They're too incompetent.

IT'S DEMOCRAT FAKE NEWS: The Democrats are really upset over "fake news" they SAY is coming from right-wing sources. One of those is Fox, another is Breitbart, and many others, including NRA. But the biggest purveyor of "fake news" is the Democrat Party and the liberal media. One of the best known recently is the story that Russia has some "damaging information" on Trump, but they won't release it, because there ISN'T any. It's all in their fevered minds, All it is, is an effort to convince the country that there IS "damaging information" out there about Trump, even though we'll never see it.

COWS GET A BAD RAP: They get blamed for all the farting that goes on in the world. Liberals all over are blaming THEM for all the methane gas that is expelled through farts. What they ignore is that EVERY entity that has an anus farts. Humans, cows, horses, dogs, even cats fart. Liberals tax farmers a special fart fee for every cow they own, completely ignoring the fact that every animal on that farm (including the farmer) farts. I'm sure bugs fart, too. They're just too small for us to notice it.

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