Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chicago Not the Worst

Trace, a known anti-gun fool web site. is now saying Chicago is NOT the worst place to live if you want to not be shot and killed. They base it on population figures, not total deaths. So Chicago has less killings per 100,000 population than some other, smaller cities. This is true. But it doesn't mean their gun laws WORK. It is just a different way of reading the numbers. Chicago still had 762 murders last year, with most of them accomplished by a gun, and all their draconian laws haven't stopped it.

REVEALING HIMSELF A TRAITOR: Obama has revealed himself as a traitor president, by commuting the 20 year sentence of the fool who now calls himself "Chelsea' Manning, the guy who started all the Wikileaks leaks of many of our secrets. Secrets that got many people killed. I look for that fool deserter to be the next one to be "forgiven." Or the "Sheikh" who masterminded 9/11. There can be no explanation for WHO he releases except that he IS a TRAITOR and wants to do as much damage to this country as he can, before he is forced to leave office.

INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY: Cops are REQUIRED to be armed while on duty. Michael Zuby, a cop in Pennsylvania who was also employed by Wal-Mart for security, entered the store while on duty as a cop to buy something. HIs boss at the store told him he had to "get rid of the gun" wile in the store, to which he replied that he was required by law to be armed while he was on duty, and he was on duty, and refused. So they FIRED him and even asked his police chief not to send HIM to the store if they called for police assistance. That request was also refused. So he is suing Wal-Mart because of their incredible stupidity.

GUN GRABBERS LIE AGAIN: The "Violence Policy Center," a well-known anti-gun outfit KNOWN for putting out LYING numbers, has done it again. They just put out a report slandering all concealed carriers. It says "firearm permit holders have killed 921 people (not in self defense or in defense of others) since 2007." which is an absolute LIE. First, only THREE permit holders killed anybody in TEN YEARS. Further, fully ONE-THIRD of the "murders" they cite were SUICIDES. They omit the fact that MOSTLY people who have ILLEGAL guns, WITHOUT permits, commit MOST of those murders. That is the main fallacy in ALL their law-making regarding guns.

"DELEGITIMIZING JOURNALISM: The boss at CNN is accusing Trump of "wanting to delegitimize journalism." Rush is right. They ARE "funny when out of power." CNN has, ITSELF "delegitimized journalism." It's really funny how liberals accuse conservatives of doing what they're doing, themselves, and expect intelligent people to buy it. Liberals coined the term "fake news" so they could apply it to conservatives. But the conservatives successfully applied it to the liberals, who are the WORST purveyors of fake news, so now they've BANNED the use of the words.

WORRIED ABOUT THE DEBT" Democrat Senator Michael Bennett got very exercized when questioning a candidate for appointment to Trump's staff, waving his arms all about and yelling at the nominee. He was "all worried about" Republicans increasing the national debt, when they got rid of Obamacare. As if Obama didn't DOUBLE the national debt in his short eight years as president. Again, now they're out of power, they're worried about the very things THEY did when IN power. As usual.

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