Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Can Do No Right

Donald Trump decided to stay at his own hotel in DC while he got inaugurated as the 45th president (if he makes it to the bible with so many liberals promising to assassinate him before he can be sworn in. That move saved the government even more money, as who would charge money for the use of his OWN property? But that isn't how the liberals saw it. They saw it as a conflict of interest, and "free advertising" for his hotel. Apparently, Trump can do no right, according to them.

GIVING THEM IDEAS: CNN ran a story recently that says "If Trump gets assassinated before he can take the oath, Obama can remain in power." Of course, this ignores the law, set up by the Constitution, that lays out a very distinct line of succession. They think if it happens BEFORE he gets inaugurated, that changes things. It doesn't. Trump is still the ELECTED 45th president, and only the proper line of succession can be considered, For CNN to run such a story on the eve of his inauguration is "journalistic malpractice" and should BAR them from even being CONSIDERED as a proper news source. It also gives the Islamic terrorists ideas.

"DELEGITIMIZING JOURNALISM": The president of the CNN organization says Trump wants to "delegitimize journalism." If he does, he's too late. CNN has already done it with their rampant bias in their "news reporting." How they can accuse Trump of that with a straight face is hard to believe, except I know none of them have a sense of humor and can't see the humor in such crap. CNN has done more to delegitimize journalism than ANYBODY. And they have the GALL to say that about Trump? What a bunch of FOOLS they are!

200 EXECUTIVE ORDERS: It is said that Trump will sign as many as 200 executive orders right away to reverse some of the damage Obama has done with HIS executive orders. But it doesn't need to be that complicated. All he needs is ONE executive order. One that says ALL Obama's executive orders are null and void. That should do it. I can't think of a SINGLE executive order Obama signed that we should keep.

IS TRUMP DIVISIVE? That's what Democrats say he is. I guess he caused them to go stupid when he won BIG (as he said he would) when all the "dirty tricks" they could think of fizzled. I guess him winning in an electoral college landslide was just too much for them, causing them to hire a bunch of goons to foment riots and do a lot of damage. I guess Trump violated protocol that says Democrats MUST rule, and he's totally responsible for all their angry retaliation on him for winning the presidency. Yeah, I guess he IS "divisive," at that (sic).

NEVER WATCHED AN INAUGURATION: This is the very first inauguration I've ever watched. For many years I purposely ignored them as unnecessary pomp and ceremony. A "dog and pony show" to make the peasants think something important is happening. And in many cases, I was right. Nothing ever seemed to change, no matter who was inaugurated, no matter what party was in the majority. But today is different. It has canceled the movement toward socialism and signaled a movement back toward the free market that made us the "destination of choice" for people who wanted to better themselves.

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