Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cops Support Gun Rights

At least, the urban cops do. They didn't ask cops in smaller cities how they felt, so we don't know. The "rank and file," who live in the community, what they thought, and they mostly agreed that, since they could not be everywhere at once, law-abiding citizens should be equipped, and ready to defend themselves until they can get there. Police politicians, who live in their "ivory towers" sometimes disagree, and these are the ones anti-gun "researchers" usually cite. Not this time.

THEY HAVE A PLAN: The Democrats like to say the Republicans want to get rid of Obamacare, but they don't have anything to replace it with. Frankly, I don't think they NEED to replace it. Just make a few changes in how the medical profession is run, as well as how health insurance companies are allowed to operate, and that will take care of it. But the GOP does have a "replacement." It is the "Patient freedom Act." Whether or not this act will do what is needed is not known, but we'll see. But the idea that they have no plan is bogus--as usual.

READY! FIRE! ER, AIM! Talk about officiousness! A Pennsylvania judge used a NON-EXISTENT LAW to confiscate the gun used in a "road rage" incident. He only displayed it to discourage the guy behind from tailgating him. But the judge used the "civil forfeiture act" to keep his gun. That act is English common law," and doesn't apply here. Therefore, it doesn't exist. This is how liberal, anti-gun judges twist the law. This guy would be out his gun if he hadn't had a good lawyer. I wonder how many other cases this judge has decided on the basis of non-existent laws?

TRUMP'S MANDATE: One of the dangerous things Obama did in his eight years as president was to "gut" the military. The military is just "a shadow of its former self" after he got through. And Trump has a MANDATE to bring it back up to strength, and more. One of his executive orders on his first day EXCLUDED the military from the edict to freeze government hiring. Talk about "hitting the ground running!" Trump is doing every bit of that, and the liberals (Democrats) are predictably whining about his every move. Screw 'em!

DEMOCRATS GO RACIST: Or better I should say, they go BACK to racism--if they ever left it. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) were their "shock troops" to keep blacks down. Jim Crow was a Democrat. Martin Luther King was demonstrating against DEMOCRATS! The Democrats filibustered the "Equal Rights Act," while the GOP supported it. Yet they try to paint the GOP as being "the racist party." Now one of the potential Democrat Party chairs says she feels her job will be to "keep whites DOWN! How's THAT for racism, personified?

NO WONDER WE'RE BROKE! Obama likes to throw around our money like it was his. In his last days in office, he sent the UN $500 million, even though they're known to be our enemies! Then he sent $221 million to the Palestinians! Knowing the Palestinians are an Islamic terrorist organization that wants to END Israel, one of our staunchest supporters in that area. He has thrown our money around wildly during his entire administration. It's like he wants to leave Trump with "empty coffers" as he goes off to his full-time golfing trip, partly subsidized by the Secret Service, who must still keep him alive, even though they might not give a damn, any more.

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