Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Selective Outrage

Some time ago a bunch of black thugs beat the hell out of a white disabled man and filmed it. They then posted the beating on Facebook. Did it make a "splash" in the liberal media? It was hard to tell over the sound of their yawning. I'm wondering what the response would be in the liberal media if the thugs were white and the victim black? Actually, I don't have to wonder. I know. It would be "outrage city." Liberals would "lose their minds" over it. This is the kind of thing that has convinced people who pay little attention to politics that white against black racism is rampant in this country, when black against WHITE racism is building, fueled by the remains of Obama's fools in government, and media,

IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION! Liberals like to scream that Trump wants to stop Muslims from entering the United States--period. That's a typical liberal twisting of everything he says, or does. It's not about religion, it's about a large group of Muslims threatening to kill Americans who won't "convert" to their phony "religion," and who are coming here by the thousands, claiming to be "refugees," but who are not. These "refugees" are mostly young, fighting age MEN, with very few women, children or old people. That's NOT using RELIGION as a ban. That's banning people who threaten us from infiltrating us and setting out to kill us.

THE WALL IS SYMBOLIC: Trump has long talked about building a WALL at our southern border. But a wall, by itself, will not keep illegal aliens from sneaking into this country. To work, that wall must be seriously patrolled, and those attempting to climb over it or tunnel under it must be ARRESTED, and imprisoned. Not just "sent back home." IMPRISONED, and THEN sent back home. And if they return, even once, given an even LONGER prison term before sending them home, again. That's what Mexico does, yet they will whine mightily if we do something similar. And those who commit crimes here should be dealt with severely.

KEEPING HIS PROMISES: Trump set to work on his first day to keep his promises. And the second day. And the third. He has signed myriad executive orders to reverse some of the Obama outrages. And he's not finished, yet. He will continue to sign executive orders reversing those signed by Obama, and soon will start making LAWS in Congress to do the same. The liberals are "jumping up and down," as expected. They rail and scream and cry, and stomp their feet, but all their antics don't accomplish a thing except to show them for the fools they are. And the media "laps it up" and do their biased reports.

STOCK MARKET REACTS: For the first time in history, the Dow Jones rises over 20,000! Not because of Obama, because of TRUMP! There's a good reason why it did not hit that zenith while Obama was in the Oval Office. They had NO CONFIDENCE in Obama EVER being able--or willing--to make things good again. they HAVE such confidence in Trump. And they're showing it. Everything Obama did made things worse. And Trump is busily reversing them, as quickly as he can. Even so, the stock market goes up and down, but always trends UPWARD. Anybody who immediately sells when it goes down for a while is a fool that is making somebody else rich. Keep your stocks, and it WILL eventually go upwards.

NOT ABOUT CROWDS: The Democrats like to misunderstand what Trump says and criticize him, based on that misunderstanding. One of the latest examples of that is their insistence that Trump is "all upset" over "crowd size," and the liberal media's misreporting of it. That's not it, at all. It's about the media's demonstrable twisting of the news. It's about MEDIA HONESTY! But they'll never admit it. They'll go right on misrepresenting his words and using every trick in the book to make him look bad, while he makes them look like the fools they are.

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