Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lewis Is A Liar

Rep. John Lewis, who famously ("INfamously) called Trump "an illegitimate president," said this is the first inauguration he will miss. That's either a very faulty memory, or it's a LIE. By saying that, he destroyed any thought of being taken seriously. He'll just have to continue "riding high" on his fifty year old experiences. He certainly hasn't done much recently, of note. Maybe he's trying for Al Sharpie....er, uh, Shatpton's spot.

LOSING HICKENLOOPER: John Hickenlooper (what a name!) is a two-term governor of Colorado who is term limited. He is a staunch anti-gun fool and a high tax supporter, who supported, and got passed, one of the biggest tax hikes in Colorado history. Colorado, which is a Republican dominated state (except in Denver). may just join the Republican revolution and elect somebody who is a little more intelligent, and a Republican, of course.

WATTS THROWS A TANTRUM: It must be very irritating to be an anti-gun fool these days, especially the "mouthpiece" for a billionaire anti-gun fool (former NYC Mayor Bloomberg). Recently Shannon Watts (boss of MOMS Against Guns, or something like that) tried to tout her "achievements" in taking away our gun rights, but couldn't--there AREN'T any. So recently she "threw an Internet tantrum," criticizing NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield, then refusing to come on his show to defend her LIES. She's afraid to.

"DEPENDING ON" OBAMACARE: The Democrats like to talk about the millions of people who "depend on Obamacare" to keep Trump from getting rid of that abortion. But they don't "depend" on it, they were FORCED to "depend on it," or get fined. Nobody with any brains wants to keep it. They want REAL health insurance, which Obamacare, with its excessive cost and excessive deductibles, does NOT provide.

TRUMP PANIC: The Democrats are in "panic mode." They never expected Trump to win the presidency. They thought "the fix was in" and Hillary was to be "crowned" the next president, and all their scams would remain intact, even though Trump PROMISED to get rid of them. They SAY Trump is one of the most unpopular people ever to become president, not explaining just how, if he was so unpopular, he got enough votes to get the MOST electoral votes in recent history in spite of all their efforts to "short-circuit" him.

PRINCE'S BIG MISTAKE: He had a lot of money when he died, but, due to his big mistake in not having a will, the biggest beneficiary of his estate will be the government. They will get HALF of it, and his relatives can divide up the rest. They'll get a lot less than they would have, due to his inaction. And the government will get a big "boon." They've got it set up that way. If people don't "pay attention," THEY profit.

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