Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hollywood Love-A-Thon

They're going to have a celebrity-filled "Hollywood Love-A-Thon" to compete with Trump's inauguration to take attention away from it. Of course, if their fool show even DOES take attention away from it, it will be only those who wouldn't be interested, anyway. Namely, their Hollywood friends and other liberals. Real human beings will ignore their transparent attempt to take away notice from the most important inauguration for a long time. If they think their fool "celebrities" can take the attention of REAL human beings away from his inauguration, they've got another think coming. And even if they could, what would that accomplish, in real terms?

"REPLACING OBAMACARE": There's no problem replacing Obamacare. They don't even have to repeal it. Just remove some of the stupidity from it, like FORCING people to sign up for it, forcing insurance companies to cover pregnancy for MEN, and forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, which is the absolutely stupidest mandate therein. There are other things in there that they can remove to help "fix" it, but I'm sure Trump's people can find them.

MORE "FLIGHTS OF FANCY": Rachel Maddow, an anchor on MSNBC told both of her listeners that she "fears that Trump will send her to a concentration camp." As if that were even POSSIBLE. But in the fuzzy minds of liberals, things like that ARE possible for their enemies. And just putting that kind of bullsh-t out there gives other damned fool liberals something to talk about: "Rachel Maddow fears imprisonment for her views." Not likely, but nothing liberals say or do is any more likely than that.

BLAMING TRUMP: As usual, they're trying to blame Trump for that unfortunate who was tortured for hours for supporting Trump. What their reasoning is, is murky. But then, ALL their "reasoning" is murky because they don't HAVE any. They will likely try and blame Trump if their toilet paper fails to get their rear end clean after taking a dump. That's the kind of "reasoning" they have.

CLINTON TO RUN FOR NYC MAYOR? Hillary needs a job. A platform from which she can sell access to political actions. She didn't win the presidency, so now she's talking about running for mayor of NYC, which she'll probably win. They've really got "the fix in," in New York. There isn't a Trump there (that she knows of) to upset her scam. She won't be able to get as much money out of that as she would as president, but it gives her a platform, if only a small one.

NO SCANDALS? DREAM ON! Obama has told us many lies. But none so obvious as his lie that there were NO SCANDALS during his administration. I don't even need to list them because you know about most of them if you've been reading ANY of my blogs, or any other non-liberal sources of news. Obama really thinks the American people are stupid if we will believe that BS. Or HE is the stupid one.

INSISTING ON LYING: It seems like every day, Obama comes out with an outrageous statement we ALL know is a lie, but he puts it out confidently as "truth." He did that when he claimed the economy got better under him, and that it was ":going great guns." And when he said that he "coulda beat Trump if he coulda run." Now he came out with yet another really STUPID assertion. This time that "race relations have gotten better" under his presidency. Now, THAT'S amazingly stupid that he should think we are gullible enough to believe that, when he PERSONALLY made them much WORSE during his administration.

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