Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"As Originallty Written"

A recent poll tells us most Americans want a Supreme Court nominee who will look at the Constitution as originally written. Wait--isn't that what they're SUPPOSED to do? Anybody who WON'T "look at the Constitution as it was originally written" has no business being on the Court. That's their JOB! Their ONE job! To interpret what comes before them according to the Constitution "as originally written." Not on the basis of liberal or conservative bias.

IS PLATO GETTING FIRED? Arrogant students who know nothing while thinking they know it all, want the "old, white philosophers" to be "kicked to the curb" because they don't like them. "Students at the prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London say they want an end to 'white philosophers' dominating their studies." It really amazes me how today's fools aren't afraid to say something out loud that is based on racism. Of course, it's racism against WHITES, so it's okay in today's world.

MORE EVIDENCE: One of the things I delight in doing is to tell you about the many ways that "gun laws" don't work. Ft. Lauderdale and the airport shooting there is yet another. First of all, airports are mostly "gun-free zones," which didn't stop this killer. He followed all laws as he brought his gun on the plane, then violated them as he killed several people in the non-security area. Elsewhere, a pregnant woman and a cop were murdered by a known felon, who shouldn't have even been in possession of a gun under current law. But he was, and people died.

TWISTING THE FACTS: That's what the anti-gun fools do. A recent report came out, saying that 40% of gun sales were effected without background checks. True, but they fail to tell us those sales are the ILLEGAL gun sales, made in violation of many laws, already. NOT the LEGAL gun sales. This is the kind of twisting of the facts they do, since they can't tell the truth in promoting their fool narrative.

RACISM IS EVERYWHERE: That's what liberals (Democrats) tell us. Every time somebody opposed any of Obama's stupidities, they called it racism. And blacks have been working HARD to promote the MYTH that white against black racism is rampant. It is not. What IS "rampant," is the new black against WHITE racism they are promoting. They are even teaching it in college. It's part and parcel of the "war on cops."

JUST "TWEAK IT": Trump doesn't have to REPEAL Obamacare. Just "tweak it" some, getting rid of the stupidities written into it. Like forcing them to cover "pre-existing conditions," and making men buy insurance that includes PREGNANCY coverage. There are many stupidities built into it, many of which we don't even know about, that could be removed, making it much less costly. It's very complicated, as are all government programs, thus guaranteeing a high level of government jobs. Simplify it, making it less expensive.

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