Friday, January 27, 2017

"Trump Orders Are Racist!"

At least that's what CAIR thinks (CAIR is the Council on American Islamic Relations, a known group with Islamic terrorist ties). That's hilarious! The representative of some of the most racist people on Earth think Trump's executive orders are racist! I may fall off my chair laughing! Who the hell do they think they ARE? Some people really have GALL. And CAIR has it, most of all. They have the temerity to call Trump's orders racist, when they represent the most racist people on the planet! What FOOLS they be!

BRINGING BACK WATERBOARDING: That's what Trump's talking about. But he means more than that. Waterboarding is the LEAST possible "advanced interrogation techniques" to use on the terrorists. Islamic terrorists laugh at it. They lop off people's heads as an example to other captives to get THEM to talk, and it usually works. They do many more things to torture them, knowing we won't reply in kind. Well, it's time we did. Trump has sent them a signal with his approval of returning to the use of waterboarding and other forms of interrogation. That leaves it open for a lot of things and they can't be sure what we'll use. It has to be disconcerting for them. And that's what we want.

COP POLITICIANS SPEAK: The "rank and file" cops think more guns in the hands of honest citizens can make a real difference in reducing "gun crime." Sometimes just by killing the criminals and taking them out or the equation. Fewer criminals, equals less crime. The police politicians think otherwise, from their "ivory towers." They say a more powerful ATF and more gun control is the answer. More of the same, in other words, and more of that. Are they really that stupid? Apparently. Their kind of gun control hasn't worked, and more of it isn't going to work, either. But that's what they want.

ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAW: Every time there is a mass shooting, or even a simple gun crime the ignorant politicians scream for "more gun laws," even though none of the ones out there work. Even those that might do some good, such as the ones mandating stiffer sentences for criminal who use a gun in the commission of a crime. Those charges are routinely waived to get convictions in other crimes. I call that lazy law enforcement.

THE BIG MAC ATM: That's the inevitable result of an unrealistically high minimum wage, as is being insisted upon by many fools. MACHINES dispensing "Big Macs," instead of people, because people have become too costly to employ. In addition, businesses, who just can't afford to hire people, will FIRE them, and then, no matter how high their minimum wage is, they will have no jobs. We keep saying that, but politicians keep ignoring us.

THEY CHICKENED OUT: The City of Miami, Florida has "chickened out" on their "sanctuary city status." I guess they don't want to lose those millions of dollars Trump has promised to stop giving them. I predict that, in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, more and more "sanctuary cities" will follow suit. Losing millions of dollars is a serious consequence for those who violate the law. Frankly, I think the mayors of such cities should be punished for violating federal law--but they won't be.

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