Friday, January 6, 2017

"OK When I Do It"

But not when YOU do it. That's apparently the Democrat mantra. Opposing the other party is a "good thing" when Democrats do it, but it was "unAmerican when Republicans refused to support Obama's liberal policies. Oh, that was racist, misogynistic, and crappy--until the Democrats decided to oppose everything Trump will EVER propose. THEN it becomes "patriotic" and "noble." And yet many people who vote never notice this because they never pay attention to politics, but pretend to know what they vote for, anyway.

"BAN TRUMP FROM TWITTER!" Democrats are very frightened that Trump will continue to use Twitter to get around their biased media because his use of it, so far, has been so effective in "blasting them out of the water." His use of Twitter is one of his strongest points in his ability to get his ideas across to the people without the liberal spin the media would put on them--and that scares them to death--so that's why they're trying so HARD to get him to stop using it. I predict a liberal campaign to get Twitter to ban him from it.

IT'S A SLOW NEWSDAY: The liberal media is reporting that Trump's choice for Secretary of State still does his own grocery shopping. He was seen carrying an armful of groceries in a grocery store, with his "armed security guy" sauntering along behind him. They must be looking hard for SOMETHING to report about a Trump appointee. Remember guys, he doesn't have the job, yet. So he doesn't yet "have people for that," at our expense.

MANDATING MURDER: Obama has "mandated" forcing doctors to perform abortions, which is infanticide (baby murder), and transgender surgery, even on CHILDREN, who have no way of knowing how such surgery can destroy the rest of their lives. He also mandates taxpayers PAY for it, even if we think it's murder and sexual mutilation. I never thought I'd see the day when the GOVERNMENT would force taxpayers to pay for murder and child mutilation. But under a monster like Obama, anything is possible. At least, Texas has banned it.

"DOG AND PONY SHOW": Fox is giving full coverage to an Armed Services Committee hearing on the "Russian hacking scandal." It's very boring, and repetitive. And it accomplishes nothing, as do most of these "dog and pony shows." I wish Fox would consider better use of their air time. Nobody wants to hear such hearings in their entirety, except political junkies, which I am not--although many of my acquaintances would swear I am. I keep up on what's going on, but I'm not interested in the blatherings of senators and representatives when they get "TV time."

OBAMA RELEASES MORE KILLERS: In yet another effort to hamper Donald Trump's presidency, Obama has released yet another four killers upon the world. He keeps saying he wants to reduce crime, but he keeps doing things guaranteed to make it RISE. Yes, I know, they're being sent to Saudi Arabia, but how long do you think it will be until they're back in America "serving Jihad, killing unbelievers?" Or somewhere else the Islamic terrorists can use them to kill non-believers? And I'm sure he will release some more felons in his last few days in office, so they can just kill people, even believers.

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