Monday, January 30, 2017

Making It About Religion

Liberals are twisting the Trump 7-nation "pause" on immigration as being a "religious ban." It is NOT. It is a TERRORIST ban! What makes it SEEM like a "religious ban" is that ALL the terrorists these days ARE Muslims. But we are NOT banning MUSLIMS. We are banning TERRORISTS, who HAPPEN to be Muslims, and the liberals are making the most of it in confusing people who pay no attention to politics and read mostly only the headlines. That this is dishonest goes without saying.

PLEDGING THE TRUTH: A reporter in the press room had the temerity to demand that the new press secretary, Sean Spicer, "pledge never to lie to us." That's an INSULTING thing to say. It's a question that doesn't deserve an answer. A better question would be to ask that reporter if HE would "pledge to tell the truth!" Of course, we note than nobody ever asked OBAMA'S press secretary anything similar, and he lied to the press every day. But then, they were (and are) "in the bag" for Democrats.

HILLARY'S NEW TV SHOW: Hillary isn't "going away quietly into the night." Word is she plans on creating her own liberally-oriented TV show that she figures will get very high ratings and keep her in the headlines so she can run for president again in 2020. She's due for a rough comeuppance. She couldn't even draw a small crowd in her appearances during the campaign after spending millions on ads. In some places NOBODY showed up, while Trump regularly drew 10 and 20,000. But I guess she's used to failure, so she'll probably find a way of making money out of it, even through its failure.

CRYBABY ALERT: I'm getting very tired of watching that clip of Chuckie Schumer "clouding up to rain" while talking about Trump's "immigration hold that they keep running, over and over. There's nothing in it to bring up so much emotion in this fool, and I'm sure he's just "crying on cue" to make a point. This guy bugs me anyway, with his glasses always way down on his nose, and the crappy things he says. If he doesn't need them to see, why does he wear them, at all, except for effect? Maybe he thinks they make him look smarter. What a phony!

STARBUCKS TO HIRE "REFUGEES": That's INSTEAD of Americans. I can think of no better reason for Americans to STAY AWAY from Starbucks! They're placing the welfare of "refugees" above that of American citizens, and that's unAmerican. With MILLIONS of Americans out of work because of Obama's policies, it's an OUTRAGE for them to hire "refugees" in front of Americans, pure and simple. And it's not racist OR religious discrimination to say that, it's common sense.

IGNORANT LEGAL ACTION: In Austria--which has no First Amendment--a pro-gun activist was JAILED for five months. Why? He said "Islam is at war with the West." While not precisely correct, such a statement should not earned him a jail sentence. What is not correct is that not ALL Islam is "at war with the West." Just the RADICALIZED Muslims. But this points up the difference between us and other countries. Here, you can say what you feel, even if the government doesn't agree.

TRUMP HAS THE PEN, NOW: Obama (in)famously bragged that he "had a pen and a phone, and didn't need the Congress." Now Trump has the pen and is busily undoing all the outrages Obama created with those instruments. Obama even tried to PERMANENTLY fund "Murder, Inc.," Planned Parenthood, but Trump will soon unravel that, too. Obama tried his best to undermine Trump during his "lame duck" period, but not much he did cannot be erased with a stroke of Trump's pen. And Trump WILL use it; count on it.

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