Friday, January 13, 2017

Fools On Parade

Rosie O'Donnell, who has been unemployed in any kind of major position for years, says we need to declare "martial law" in order to stop Trump. She forgets, or just doesn't know, that ONLY THE PRESIDENT can declare martial law, and Trump isn't likely to do so. If lame duck Obama does it in his last few pathetic days in power, Trump will quickly stop it. She really thinks Trump is enough of a "threat" to justify it. She needs to keep her promise to leave America if Trump gets elected. Trump was elected. She needs to get used to it.

LOCALS CASHING IN: Fox News did a piece on how "locals are cashing in on the Trump inauguration." As part of it, they set up a camera to record some of those doing it, and there was not a white face among them. This is not a racist observation It merely notes that blacks are profiting greatly, and that's a good thing. If whites get in on the profits, that's a good thing, too. But liberals won't see it like that. They'll call me a racist for pointing this out.

WHOOPI GRASPING AT STRAWS: She says "Conservatives prevented me from making a living." Nope. She's wrong. Her BIG MOUTH prevented her from making a living if, indeed, ANYTHING did. Maybe she considers her long-time seat at the "View" table isn't enough to "make a living." Maybe her idea of "a living" and yours differ a bit. Again, liberals will call me a racist for having the temerity to actually criticize a black woman. On the contrary, if somebody makes a stupid statement, it doesn't make any difference if he/she's black, white, or GREEN. It's all the same, to me.

OBAMA'S DOG BITES VISITOR: A teenage visitor to the White House (an Obama friend) tried to pet Obama's dog, "Sunny," and nearly lost an eye. She had to have stitches on the bite to her face that will leave a scar. I guess everybody in the Obama White House is a little cranky this week. Especially knowing they will be evicted on the 20th. I know "they have people" to handle the move, so all they have to do is get in the car and drive away, but it must still be a little irritating.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Democrats claim that Trump only won by Republicans "rigging the election." What is not said is, "They did a better job of rigging it than we did, and we thought we were the experts in rigging elections." And they are. That's how they won just about all the elections in which Democrats were the winners. A well known scam is "dead people voting," which is so often done in Chicago, that's where people go to learn how. Another scam is "creating more Democrat voters" by several actions, such as increasing the number of illegal aliens and encouraging them to vote (Democrat, of course), or changing the laws to allow felons to vote, who would vote Democrat in appreciation.

CAN'T RECOGNIZE MURDER; It amazes me that otherwise intelligent people who are law-abiding, cannot recognize MURDER when they see it. I'm talking about the people who APPROVE of abortion. Pro-abortionists insist that a baby is not a human being until he/she comes out of the womb and takes his/her first breath. They insist that, until then, he/she is just "medical waste." Reality maintains that if an entity has a heartbeat, it is a human being, and has the right to life and liberty.

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