Thursday, January 19, 2017

Free With Our Money

Obama is pretty free with taxpayer money, especially in his last days in office, where nobody can "touch him" for what he does. He has sent another $500 million dollars to the UN Climate Fund to "fight global warming," in spite of the fact that global warming (now called climate change) is only in his imagination and that of the global warming religion acolytes, and of AlGore, who has used that CON to become a BILLIONAIRE.

SHOWING THEIR COLORS: Democrats don't just oppose Trump. They're threatening violence and tumult at his inauguration. They have a scheme to bring TRAINS to stop, and to block traffic in such a way that nobody can get to the inauguration. They have threatened physical VIOLENCE! Some have even threatened the use of ACID! This is not "loyal opposition," it's pure SEDITION, and those involved should be punished as such for it.

TALK ABOUT ARROGANCE: The liberal media, sometimes erroneously called, "the mainstream media," just released an ultimatum for Trump, saying, "WE will set the rules for our coverage, not you." Talk about putting their heads in the wringer! That's a direct challenge to the president of the United States, who has PROVEN that he does not NEED them, and I can't wait to hear his response. They're going to learn that a direct challenge is NOT the way to deal with Trump, when they head home with their heads up their rear ends.

IT'S A MIRACLE: That we've been able to accomplish a "peaceful transfer of power" from one president to the next 43 times--and are about to do so again--if the liberals can be kept from assassinating Donald Trump to keep him from entering the Oval Office. That's because in no other country has it ever happened. Nobody who ever held power in other countries has ever willingly given up that power--except in the United States. That's the miracle of our type of government, which was designed by our Founders, all of whom the liberals (we called them "Tories" then) hate with a passion, and try to "tear down" every time they get a chance.

"DANGEROUS AND SILLY": That's what the anti-gun fools call the very idea of allowing concealed carriers to bring their guns onto campus. They think citizens using their legal guns to stop a user of an ILLEGAL gun from killing people on campus is silly because citizens doing that is so rare--which is a LIE they propagate to support their phony narrative. They ignore the fact that there are ALREADY many guns on campus, in the hands of people who have them ILLEGALLY, and that hasn't led to a "wild west atmosphere." What FOOLS they are!

TYKE DOES RIGHT THING: An 8-year-old girl was walking along a road with her parents and found a gun that turned out to be loaded. Instead of picking it up and maybe shooting herself or someone else, like uninstructed children sometimes do, she went immediately to her mom and told her about it, like the NRA teaches children to do when they find a gun. The cops were called, found the gun to be loaded, and heaped praise on her for "doing the right thing." Did the anti-gun fools do likewise? Surely you jest!

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