Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happens All The Time

All countries hack each other, all the time. Russia hacks us, and WE hack Russia. We both even hack our friends to learn things they would rather we not know. So yes, Russia DID hack the DNC, which was easy because of their antiquated, and "easy-to-hack" system. They also hacked Hillary, which was even easier. They even tried to hack the REPUBLICANS, but failed, because their system is better. The Democrats are making a big thing out of it, hoping we will think they were responsible for Trump's overwhelming win, that somehow,, Putin PREFERRED Trump to Hillary. They just can't admit THEY are responsible for their own loss. They want to blame someone else. It's their way.

THEY'LL PAY FOR IT: Mexico likes to tell us there's NO WAY Mexico is going to pay for the wall Trump plans to build to limit the number of illegal aliens they keep sending us. But they have no control over that. NO, they won't just "write us a check" to cover the cost. But we send them millions of dollars every year for many things, which we will NOT be sending them. And they can't stop us from doing that. So they WILL be "paying for the wall," after all, whether they like it, or not.

"IF THEY CAN OPT OUT": Democrats complain about removing the FORCED participation in Obamacare, because "allowing this would remove healthy people from the mix, and make the plan unworkable." Yet to human beings, that is not an argument FOR Obamacare, but AGAINST it. It is PURE SOCIALISM, penalizing those capable and willing to earn their own way for the benefit of those not willing. Stealing from those able and willing and giving to those who are NOT, is not right, in ANY case. And a plan based on that is definitely the WRONG way to go. Only dishonest people support it.

MUST BE MAINSTREAM: The Democrats say they will not vote for any of Trump's appointments that are "not mainstream." Which would be fine, except they are the ones who DEFINE "mainstream," and they define it to mean, "he/she agrees with us." And they know Trump is not going to appoint ANYBODY whose political views agree with theirs. They still can't get through their thick heads that they LOST the election. They really think they are till running things in DC. They are NOT. And Trump WILL prevail. They can "flail and whine" as much as they want, and it will do them no good.

WORRIED ABOUT RICHES: Democrats have noted that most or Trump's appointees are "superrich," with massive holdings and many "associations" They want to make sure none of them have any conflicts of interest. What they fail to mention is that most of the DEMOCRAT appointees when Obama was elected, were "filthy rich," too. But they don't talk about that. Nor do they talk about the ones who came there broke (like BIll Clinton) and are NOW "filthy rich," after a few years on the federal payroll.

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