Monday, January 9, 2017

Appointing Gun-Haters

California has appointed yet another gun-hater to be attorney general, which is not unexpected, since most of his predecessors are alspo gun-haters. Which is becaus California hates guns. They think making laws to disarm honest, law-biding gun owners and make them DEFENSELESS against all the ILLEGAL gun owners out there who want to victimize them will "stop gun crime." It will NOT. BUt they'll never listen to reason when you tell them that. They know it all, don't ya know.

"FIXING" GUN CONTROL: Chicago is in a quandry. They have the toughest gun laws in the country, coupled with the highest number of gun deaths in the nation. Most of those shot and killed are criminals, themselves, except for those caught in the cross-fire. That tells them NOTHING. They're too incompetent to be able to come up with a REAL "fix," so now Mayor Rahm Emanuel is asking for FEDERAL gun laws to be made. If they're the same kind of laws as in Illinois, they won't work, either. But he isn't competent enough to know it.

RUSSIA DID HACK US! But to quote a "famous American," what DIFFERENCE does it make? They've been hacking us forever, and we've been hacking them. Both have been hacking other countries. We all do it, all the time. But the Democrats are making a lot of noise about it, in hopes of making Trump look like a bad choice for president, because they THINK, uh, Putin likes him.

FIRING WARNING SHOTS: American vessels have started firing warning shots at those Iranian vessels that are harassing them, causing them to "run for the hills." It's about time we did something positive to let the Iranians know they can no longer get away with harassing our ships at sea. And if they keep it up, a few shots "on target" will further convince them. It can't happen soon enough. Iran has been taunting us long enough. They THINK they're strong enough to really attack us. We need to disabuse them of that notion.

BRINGING DOWN THE CLINTONS: I keep seeing "news items" about the FBI's "investigation" of the Clinton Foundation, saying Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea will be facing jail time. But nothing ever happens, Maybe they need to stop putting this BS out, until something REAL happens. In this day of "false news" claims, they're in danger of NEVER being believed, and need to just shut up, until they have something concrete.

ANOTHER PLOT SCOTCHED: Soon after the election results were posted, major newspapers started publishing stories about how we could see "unprecedented numbers of rogue electors" in the Electoral College that will elect Hillary president, in spite of being PLEDGED to vote for Trump. (wishful thinking for Democrats) Somebody made a big mistake when they did not make it MANDATORY for those electors to vote the way their state went, but it never happened. Just the other day, they CONFIRMED his election as president. They need to eliminate the position of "elector" and make their state's vote be "official." They don't NEED "people" to vote on what we already know.

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