Monday, January 23, 2017

Democrat "Tantrum"

The Democrats are "throwing a tantrum" by holding up as many of Trump's appointments as they can, as long as they can. That's the only power they have left, having lost The House, The Senate, the presidency, and thousands of governorships and other elective offices all over the country. It reminds me of a toddler laying on the floor screaming and kicking his feet, while making sure his parents notice. Mitch McConnell says they "should grow up."

TRUMP'S "WAR ON MEDIA": Trump's new press secretary held his first press conference, at which he spent the entire time giving the media hell about the way they have covered the inauguration, as well as the election, itself. By so doing, he has "declared war" on the media in Trump's name. Many liberals say that's "unseemly," but I think it is long overdue. The media fawned over Obama for eight long years, and are now doing their best to hurt Trump. They've got it coming.

"OUT OF CONTEXT": Madonna (the has-been former rock star) is "shooting back" at her critics for "taking her wildly out of context." How do you take somebody out of context when you simply play a recording of her words, in their entirety? I can't say how many times I've heard a POLITICIAN trying to weasel out of something by saying he was "taken out of context." I suspect the Secret Service won't be so easy to deflect. They take these things seriously and have opened an investigation into her comments to see if they constituted sedition.

ARE THESE PEOPLE DEMENTED? Gabby Giffords is still insisting on "gun free zones" as "protection." What kind of "protection" is a rule nobody ever obeys? It's INSANITY to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, and that's just what they're doing. They do the same thing with all their other laws that don't work. They insist on them being made, and gullible politicians "tug their forelocks" and obey.

DEMONSTRATING THEIR BIAS: In a move that demonstrates their bias, a known left-wing "watchdog group" has filed suit against Trump for "violating the Constitution" by not yet completing his divestment of interest in a company that does business with foreign sources. What is simply a delay in business then becomes something to waste the time of a court and several lawyers, after they IGNORED Obama's REPEATED violations of the Constitution.

A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID: I don't believe I've EVER seen the kind of stupid that has been displayed by some of the has-been former rock stars who told us they "dreamed of blowing up the White House (Madonna)," or that she thought Trump lusted after his DAUGHTER (Ashley Judd)! How abysmally STUPID is this kind of thing? And it's about as LOW as it's possible to get. As low as whale dung, and that's on the bottom of the ocean! And they have no idea what FOOLS they're making of themselves, and how they're helping to destroy the Democrat Party.

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